How Goodwood used Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ to deliver the most interactive motorsport event ever

Goodwood Event Centre

About Goodwood

The Goodwood Estate on the south coast of England has been home to successive Dukes of Richmond for over three hundred years and in recent decades has become a world-renowned venue for sporting events - including horse-racing, golf, flying and most especially motorsport. It is home to two of the world’s most famous motorsport events Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed - both of which are attended by hundreds of thousands of car lovers and watched by millions more on TV every year.

The Challenge

2020 and the Covid crisis posed a unique challenge to Goodwood since neither Festival of Speed nor Revival could be held in the same way with a physical audience. Nevertheless Goodwood wanted to find ways to host a motorsport event that audiences at home could still feel part of and enjoy while still delivering commercial value both to Goodwood itself and its partners.

Selecting a partner

Having settled on the ambition of creating a single unique event in October 2020 called Goodwood Speedweek - with no physical audience - to replace both Festival of Speed and Revival, the Goodwood Estate reached out to potential partners to help them achieve their goal, including Monterosa.

Drawing on examples of our work for the likes of ITV, EA Sports and the Jockey Club, we were able to show Goodwood how we could use Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ to turn this challenge into an opportunity to create the most interactive motorsport event ever - letting audiences at home get as close to the action as possible through interaction and engagement while providing ways for Goodwood and their commercial partners to derive value from the event. We then entered a collaborative phase with Goodwood to help them paint vision for the digital destination for the event - a Speedweek Hub - that would deliver on this promise. Once all the pieces fell into place and the event was given the green light, Monterosa was confirmed as the interactive partner.

Studio enables in-house content teams to self-serve and take full control of their interactive experiences

The Solution

By using Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ and our Event Centre experience, Goodwood were able to provide their users with a dynamic, engaging live event while unlocking a whole new set of creative and commercial opportunities. In record time, a rich SpeedWeek Hub experience was created featuring multiple livestreams with real-time interactivity, gamification mechanics rewarding users for making race predictions, proving their knowledge and offering opinions. Fans could also browse the cars on display and add their favourites to their very own Goodwood garage.

What’s more, the Speedweek Hub also unlocked unique activations for brand partners such as Mastercard. VIP areas with exclusive content were gated by invite only - just like a physical event. The experience also served to supercharged Goodwood’s user data strategy by driving sign-ups and enriching user profiles - laying the ground for a digital strategy beyond the restrictions of 2020 as a new era of hybrid events becomes a reality.

The Results

Despite the open availability of live footage from the event on both Youtube and on terrestrial TV, the Speedweek Hub attracted well over 100k visitors across the event - and converted a high number of these into registered, interacting fans - enticed by the ability to participate and interact in real-time. The average dwell time of these users was 21 minutes and each participated in an interaction around the livestream over 2.5 times on average.

Over 8.5k cars were added to users' ‘Goodwood Garages' across the weekend, providing Goodwood with a rich new insight into user preferences while also generating 1.9k click-throughs to manufacturers sites.

”Our goal was to make Goodwood's Speedweek the most interactive motorsports event ever - and thanks to Monterosa it was exactly that. Their platform allowed us to deliver a rich user experience that kept our audience engaged as well as opening up new activations for our partners. The experience also gave us a new way to encourage customers to share their data - something we look forward to building on for the future."

Tracey Greaves
Chief Commercial Officer, Goodwood
How Studio works for in-house teams

The Goodwood Speedweek experience was powered using our Event Centre experience which allows creators to launch a series of real-time media, social and interactive elements set against live video - all managed via the M/IC Studio and reaching the timeline in less than a second. Added to this, we used Monterosa’s identity service, M/ID, to facilitate registration, user management and gating of certain parts of the experience to VIPs. Finally using our gamification service, we provided additional incentives for users to interact and participate across the entire event. The end result was an immersive, engaging experience that allowed Goodwood to attract and convert thousands of new users as well as provide value for their commercial partners.  

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