Create a data-powered advantage with Audience Profiles

Seamlessly collect behavioural, attitudinal and preference data from every interaction, and pipe it into your existing CRM, CDP or marketing platform.

Generate consent-driven data

Unlike other methods, our Experiences capture user data in a fair exchange of value, with consent.

Unlock the value of your audience

Audience Profiles help you generate better commercial results in sponsorship, advertising and subscriptions. Increase the size of your contact base, augmenting each profile with likes, dislikes and what type of Experiences they engage with.

Here’s how it works

Step 1 – Create your suite of Experiences

Pick from Fast Track Experiences or build custom ones on our APIs

Step 2 – Increase fan loyalty and capture first-party data

Turn engaged users to converted, by implementing a range of Converters, where fans are willing to sign up or provide details in return for value - the chance to win, the ability to store progress or build up points.

Step 3 – Enrich customer profiles with commercially valuable information

Data Lakehouse links personal data, interaction 
data and attitudinal data to create data rich Audience Profiles.

Step 4 – Feed data into your existing CRM

Data Lakehouse sends these profiles to your existing CDP, CRM or marketing platform via pipelines, enabling you to send highly targeted, personalised emails, notifications 
and more.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to find out how our Audience Profiles can help you collect and understand your data more efficiently, to achieve your commercial goals.