A season to remember - Formula E launches a brand new Live Hub to coincide with their biggest season ever

Formula E Live Hub

About Formula E

​​Formula E’s founding mission was for its race through the streets of the most iconic cities in the world - with a grid full of the best racing drivers and teams around. Their goal was to show just what sustainable mobility was capable of, driving electric vehicles to the fore in the race for a better, cleaner future.

Since making its debut in the grounds of the Olympic Park in Beijing in 2014, Formula E has grown into a global entertainment brand with motorsport at its heart. Now, with 12 teams and 24 drivers on the grid, the championship has become a destination for the world's best motorsport teams and racing talent.

The Challenge

Formula E had the ambition to make Season 8 their biggest and best yet, with more races than ever before. 

They wanted to make their website and app more fan-centric and improve the quality of the race day experience for those not able to attend in person. The ambition was to supercharge their existing live blog with a range of interactive elements to drive more loyalty. They needed to enable in-house production teams to take complete control of the fan experience, before, during and after each race, all within one easy to use platform.

Selecting a partner

When choosing a solution, Formula E identified Monterosa / Interaction Cloud as an ideal fit, in part due to its existing suite of Experiences that could be adapted to fit into Formula E’s existing website. This made it the ideal platform to supply the power behind their objectives; to not only increase the number of fans engaging with the sport but also to improve the quality of that experience, bringing best-in-class interactivity and connectivity.

From an operational perspective, Studio – the platform’s real-time content management interface – allows Formula E’s in-house production teams to take complete control of the fan experience. Its APIs futureproof the solution with automation planned for next season.

The Solution

The Live Hub is presented as a constantly updating interactive feed on the Formula E website - similar to social feeds that fans will already be used to. In this case, feeds are curated with unique content and interactive features that can exclusively be found on the Formula E website and app. This is essential, as it fosters a direct relationship between Formula E and their fans, within Formula E’s existing owned and operated website.

The Live Hub can be used as a companion to watching the race on a big screen or as a place to check in on the action at any time, enabling a deeper connectivity with fans throughout. Commentary and social posts are interspersed with light gamification and polling e.g. Who do you think is going to win the race? / Which is your favourite race track or pilot?, and these interactive elements serve to increase engagement.

Fans get the benefit of new formats of entertainment while Formula E benefits from learning more about their audiences. All of this is delivered within an exceptional fan experience so that users stay as long as possible and want to keep coming back.

The Results

The goal of the Live Hub experience is to increase traffic and retention on Formula E’s owned and operated digital destinations and as a result of this project, they have clocked up over 143,000 unique users across the tournament to date. This works out at 17,800 users per event on average, proving the Live Hub’s ability to connect a wider audience with the sport.

The Live Hub fulfils the objective of building a direct relationship with its audience via interactivity and immersive content, giving fans a reason to keep coming back to Formula E’s digital platform.

Also, by providing a way to collect and enrich first-party data and insights into its fanbase, this forms the basis of a new route to monetisation via sponsor activations and ecommerce.

Formula E’s Live Hub signifies the first step in a journey to build a deeper, more connected relationship with its fan base - a real community with a two-way conversation that brings fans closer to the action, allows them to express their opinions and participate but also gives Formula E the tools it needs to build a sustainable community. It is an acknowledgement that not all fan engagement should be on social media only and that sports organisations can now deploy platforms like Monterosa / Interaction Cloud to develop and own those direct fan relationships themselves.

How it works

The Monterosa  Event Centre was the ideal solution to power Formula E’s Live Hub. By providing the audience with so much interactivity, Event Centre ensures engagement and retention rates rise and conversion to sign-up is rapidly accelerated. 

With minute-by-minute updates, bitesize real-time content, audience interactivity and stats, Formula E Live Hub is a game-changer for building a more engaged fanbase, all in one platform users want to return to.

Unlock your Interactive Experiences

The studio powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ has a variety of ready-to-go experiences you can deploy in just a few clicks, at scale and in real-time

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