Liverpool Football Club sealed its first English Premier League title in 30 years, with Monterosa's Match Centre solution at the heart of their fan engagement strategy

Liverpool Football Club Match Centre

About Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool FC is one of the world’s leading professional football clubs, with recent trophy wins including the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League. The club has a tradition of providing first-class experiences for its fans, both on and off the pitch.

The Challenge

Liverpool Football Club's overarching objective is to ensure its football club remains top of the league in every department. This involves building direct relationships with local, national and global fan bases.

The club’s membership strategy is to increase registrations and collect more data from fans, so Andy Fletcher, VP Product, got in touch to discuss how Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ could help his club hit its ambitious targets.

Selecting a partner

With league-wide ‘Project Restart’ discussions on-going, and Premier League matches set to return behind closed doors, the club saw an opportunity to launch new forms of digital fan engagement – but time was tight. Selecting a proven, product-orientated partner who could deliver quickly and reliably was essential.

After LFC had tested a series of interactive quiz shows, hosted by club ambassadors and featuring current team members and legends, they chose Monterosa as the launch partner for a new and innovative Match Centre solution.

The Interaction Cloud, with its existing suite of Experiences, was the ideal platform to supply the power behind this shift in the club’s digital approach, helping LFC launch its Match Centre in time for the first kick-off – the club also stands to benefit from an exciting roadmap of features due for inclusion in Match Centre over the course of a multi-year relationship.

From an operational perspective, Studio – the platform’s real-time content management interface – allows Liverpool’s in-house production teams to take complete control of the fan experience, before, during and after games.

Take control of every moment using Studio and the interaction Timeline

The Solution: a new home for the global LFC community

The new official LFC Match Centre provides a single destination for any Liverpool FC fan around the globe to be immersed in everything that happens before, during and after the game.

Directed by a live presenter streamed to the timeline, the new Match Centre combines a series of exclusive media, social and live match commentary content with a range of interactive elements including votes, polls, trivia and the new “Klopp ‘o' meter”.

Launching ahead of kick-off and available across the club’s website and app, the Match Centre timeline automatically updates providing new, fresh content and activity for fans to participate in genuine two-way interaction with fellow fans, players and club officials.

Outside of match days, the Match Centre caters for engagement through new interactive video content, testing fans on their knowledge of past players, matches and seasons - all playable through an integration with the club’s existing Kaltura video player.

The new official LFC Match Centre provides a single destination for all Liverpool FC fans, wherever they are in the world, to come together and immerse themselves in everything that’s happening during and between matches.

A video player is pinned to the top of Match Centre’s vertical timeline, allowing the club to live stream any video content it likes at any time.

Beneath the video, Match Centre combines exclusive media, social posts and live match commentary with a range of interactive Elements, including votes, polls, quizzes, and the new “Klopp-o-Meter”.

Going live ahead of kick-off, and available in the club’s website and app, the Match Centre timeline provides a constant stream of new, fresh content, and fun ways for fans to participate in genuine two-way interaction with fellow fans, players and club officials.

Between games, Match Centre engages fans with new interactive video content, testing their knowledge of past players, matches and seasons - all made possible via an integration with the club’s existing Kaltura video player.

Get exclusive content – including manager and player interviews – and dedicated video coverage, as well as competitions, interactive features, and everything you need to know ahead of the game

The Results

The new Match Centre was designed, built and deployed within six weeks, meeting the tight deadline set by ’Project Restart’ – it’s already created a strong foundation on which the club looks to build its new digital and fan registration strategy.

  • Attracted a global audience
  • 1.6m unique users
  • 400,000+ interactions
  • 77% interactive video engagement

Creative Possibilities

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™, Studio, and the range of existing Experiences, have enabled the club’s in-house teams to take greater control of its digital offering, to reduce its costs, and to create new and exciting ways to engage fans in live interactivity all across the club’s digital estate.

Driving Commercial Strategy

The scale and flexibility of Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ allows the club to accelerate its commercial growth and memberships strategy through integrated registration and monetisation gateways, delivering measurable increases in the club’s direct and indirect digital offering.

“The new LFC Match Centre has been fantastic in enabling our global fanbase to celebrate the climax to an amazing season in the club's history. Having the flexibility and speed to manage content in real-time has delivered another level of matchday experience, both for our in-house teams and, most importantly, for the fans. The new Match Centre has quickly become an important driver in the club's long-term fan registration strategy.”

Andy Fletcher
VP Product, Liverpool FC
How it works

Working in collaboration with Liverpool FC we have innovated the Match Centre experience and created a new standard for fans following their favourite teams, sports and events. Through a combination of our HTML5 experiences and Interactive Video Layers SDK, creators can flexibly launch a series of real-time media, social and interactive elements set against live video - all managed via the M/IC Studio and reaching the Match Centre timeline in less than a second. The consistent set of backend tools, real-time content Studio, and very high reliability levels, enable Liverpool FC to deploy extremely high quality experiences that attract and convert fans from around the world.

Unlock your Interactive Experiences

The studio powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ has a variety of ready-to-go experiences you can deploy in just a few clicks, at scale and in real-time

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