What does the Barcelona Spotify deal mean for the future of first party data?

Jess Meredith
Head of Insights and Data

Barcelona FC's groundbreaking $310m deal with Spotify this week got everyone talking and is welcome news for the club. But many commentators have pointed out that the deal could have been significantly more valuable had the club acquired more registered fans.


Despite the number of registered fans being seemingly large at approximately 3 million, it's actually only 1% of their fan base. 


The sponsorship deal could have been far more lucrative had a higher percentage of fans been registered. 


So how could first party data from the approximately 347 million followers of the Blaugrana that are currently unknown to the club have been captured?


We know that gathering fan data is trickier than ever. Users are more savvy. Regulations are tighter. 


But we also know that users are comfortable sharing their data in what they perceive to be a fair value exchange. 


For example, register to...

  • Enter a competition 
  • Score points
  • Compete against your friends
  • Share these meme
  • Access this content

When data capture is integrated seamlessly into an interactive Experience it can easily generate hundreds of thousands of user records. 


And in addition, you can find out much more than just an email address. You can find out a fan's favourite player or the first match they ever saw live. 


In fact, you can find out anything you want simply by adding that question within the Experience. 


This creates endless marketing opportunities. Plus strategic and commercial possibilities. 


And big sponsorship deals. 


Talk to us to find out more. 

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