How to drive value using fan engagement in football

Alex Regan
Head of Sports Sales

The 2022/23 Premier League fixtures were recently announced and instantly became the most searched topic of the day on Google in the UK, with over 200k searches. On the same day, Fabio Vieira’s move to Arsenal and Calvin Ramsay’s Liverpool signing attracted over 100k and 50k searches respectively. 

It’s clear that fans want to engage outside of scheduled matches, actively searching for new signings, transfer rumours and fixture lists.

As leagues all over Europe are following suit and announcing their fixtures, fans are starting to look ahead to next season, eagerly anticipating another unmissable year of football.

But how can you make the most of this opportunity and bring more value through operated and owned digital platforms?

By creating fun and highly engaging content that encourages fans to participate, football broadcasters, sports publishers or other brands can unlock real business value. Implementing Experiences that drive engagement, i.e. competitions, prediction games, polls and votes will increase fan loyalty, generating consent-driven first-party data and ultimately driving revenue.

However, delivering all of this interactivity on one platform can be a challenge. The key is being able to keep fans within owned channels, as opposed to spending huge sums on external sites or social media that often won’t have the same impact. Being able to engage fans on owned and operated platforms allows better control over the content published, mitigating risk and saving money.

Welcome to Continuous Engagement

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is the leading real-time engagement platform used by some of sports’ biggest brands, including Liverpool FC, Formula E and EA Sports. It provides a one-platform solution, where you can manage all of your fan engagement and interactivity in one place. 

Experiences for the whole fan journey

Retaining fans isn’t easy. It requires you to constantly be on the lookout for ways to hook your audience before, during and after any event, with engagement experiences that are varied and of high quality. And that’s where our Experiences come in. The platform allows our customers to deploy a range of rich, sticky interactive Experiences that bring fans back to the platform again and again. 

Experiences such as Score Predictors and Team Selectors can be used pre-match to engage fans, whilst Experiences such as Voting, Quick Fire Quizzes and Competitions can keep fans absorbed long after the final whistle. And an interactive Event Centre means fans can also engage throughout the match.

The data advantage

Apart from delighting your fans and keeping them coming back, fan engagement opens up a powerful way to create a direct relationship with your fans and get to know them better. First-party data is a vital element of today’s smartest commercial strategies and Monterosa / Audience Profiles give customers a data-powered advantage. When fans engage with our Experiences, they will often consent to sharing personal data in exchange for something, ie. a competition win. The data that is collected can be fed into any existing CRM and used to personalise content, segment and better target fans with future content, across all marketing touch points. 

Seamless integration

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud takes the headache out of delivering fan engagement experiences within owned and operated environments, offering a range of fast-to-deploy and custom experiences, without the time or cost of building and maintaining custom software. This results in the reduction of risk and saves time for our customers, with a dedicated support team on hand to guide through every stage of the process.

Integrating fan engagement is essential in any content strategy, to help build deeper, more connected relationships with fans, delivering real value. 

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you make the 2022/23 football season the most engaging yet!