Monterosa’s team and platform have played a massive part in our digital transformation strategy. Keeping fans engaged across our 15 racecourses has enhanced the customer experience, and helped us take more ownership of our audience.
— Tom Manners, Group Sales & Marketing Director, The Jockey Club


The Jockey Club’s mission is to act for the long-term good of British racing in everything it does. Its objectives therefore cover everything from reinventing the sport, acquiring and retaining customers, to enhancing the overall experience.

A key strategic focus is to shift mindsets from traditional perceptions by embracing new technology and digital innovation. Having previously not had a centralised mobile app, The Jockey Club recognised the value that a joined up approach to new digital assets would bring to sponsors and partners. It also wanted a better way of communicating with customers leading up to and on raceday.


The Jockey Club’s main challenge is a lack of data, as one customer buys four tickets on average. Evolving its brand perception and enhancing the experience to being more than ‘a day out’ for its 1.8m visitors a year is reliant on being able to communicate with its broader audience.

The value of its brand, and how that benefits partners and sponsors, forms a big part of its revenue strategy. Having an app drives repeat visits and increases upsell opportunities on raceday.


The Jockey Club needed a scalable solution that gave its teams the ability to tailor experiences in real-time across its 15 racecourses. It launched Monterosa’s Fan Companion native app product, powered by award-winning interaction platform LViS.

The Race On app initially achieved 50k downloads. A third of app users downloaded their ticket, and half of those shared tickets with others - increasing the size of The Jockey Club’s database.

Once downloaded, the app provided people with everything they needed to enhance their raceday experience. Race-goers were able to plan ahead with information around parking facilities and venue accessibility, and on the day have easy access to a map of the racecourse and racecard data.

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The driver to download the app was to have your e-ticket on your phone - a first for the racing industry. This option was given at the point of purchase, followed by email communication encouraging customers to get their tickets.



The ability to share tickets with friends in turn encouraged more people to install the app, collecting data from customers who would otherwise have remained anonymous.


A secondary strategy involved raceday media encouraging people to download the app for its content and interactive experiences - being able to play along on the day.

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One of the most popular areas of the app is the RACEDAY 5 game, where racegoers can win prizes by predicting which horses will win.


The partnership started with a recommendation. The Jockey Club quickly realised that there was a cultural fit, and was impressed with the Monterosa team’s approach - describing them as intelligent, savvy, technically-focused, and direct. They also challenged the original brief, proposing a more advanced solution.

The Jockey Club was particularly impressed with the training Monterosa provided for the LViS platform. The digital and marketing teams across regions received all the support they needed, and found the tools easy to use. The platform’s ability to scale and adapt to each individual racecource seamlessly delivered the personalisation that fans are looking for.

We use the LViS platform on a raceday basis to push out content and increase interaction from racegoers. The platform allows us to push out a multitude of content types, including tweets, Instagram posts and articles, including our raceday welcome note which you can usually find in the racecard.

The platform also allows us to easily generate form based ‘enter to win’ competitions which helps us to gather data from our target audience. We support these competitions by using the push notification functionality, which is also used to give racegoers an alert before each race is about to begin.

The interface of the platform is user-friendly allowing you to navigate around with ease. It has allowed us to create an App that is a digital alternative of a racecard. You can check the race times, plan your day, win prizes and find out all the latest information at ease.
— Kayleigh Drake, Regional Senior Digital Marketing Exec NW, The Jockey Club


Building on the initial success, The Jockey Club is launching a fully integrated strategy to promote the app ahead of its busiest booking period:

  • Changing the ticketing journey to push the app throughout rather than just at the basket stage, and evolving the educational tone of the e-ticket concept.

  • A unique code for each ticket linking back to its CRM system, enabling personalised emails that include call to actions to get your e-ticket.

  • Change the way the app is marketed and advertised, including more exclusive offers.

  • Incentives across the business encouraging staff to target a higher number of app downloads, including regional leaderboards.