NFL UK challenged us to make a new fan experience to connect fans with teams and drive mailing list sign-ups. So we created Team Picker, delivering 36,000 new fans who engaged for more than 10 minutes each. 


Inspired by personality quizzes, Team Picker asks the audience a series of questions about their preferences. By matching the characteristics of the user to teams, we give them a final choice of four, presented in a video montage. The best part? You get a personalised image card with your photo, ready to share on social media.

Promoted on the NFL's social channels, website and by broadcast partners Sky and the BBC, the game was an instant hit.  



What we delivered


In just a few weeks we created the custom HTML5 experience for the NFL and their social agency LiveWire. Crafted to generate engagement, social sharing and CRM sign-up, the game has delivered solid reliability for over a year. Team Picker is powered by our LViS interaction platform and supported by our 24/7 support team. 





The activation drove an incredible 10 minutes average dwell time and thousands of mailing-list sign-ups through competition entry. 


Unique users engaged

10 mins
Avg Dwell Time

Facebook Impressions


Monterosa were diligent, flexible and insightful to the last, and delivered a terrific platform that continues to harvest thousands of emerging fans.
— Mike Lawrence, Account Director, LiveWire Sport




NFL Team Picker was build from a foundation of our Play-Along product. Back-end services were powered by Monterosa's LViS interaction platform. 


Live game format built on Monterosa Play-Along product


Live content management powered by our LViS Platform


Custom card sharing via Facebook Login

CRM data capture powered by LViS Data Capture