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TV proves its digital influence again as Monterosa's new Play-Along app for Cue The Music TV show hits the No. 1 App Store spot in Portugal


TV proves its digital influence again as Monterosa's new Play-Along app for Cue The Music TV show hits the No. 1 App Store spot in Portugal

Mobile is killing TV, or so they say. This week TV proved yet again that it has the power to instantly impact mobile behaviour at great scale. In Portugal, our Play-Along app for FremantleMedia's new interactive gameshow Cue The Music, hit the App Store top spot, as soon as the show premiered. 

Fan interaction with TV formats can drive massive mobile adoption

Fan interaction with TV formats can drive massive mobile adoption

The show achieved excellent ratings and hit the #1 Twitter trend during the broadcast, and the app is the most popular in the country this week. 

Agarra a Música as it's known in Portugal, airs on Portuguese commercial broadcaster SIC. The show achieved excellent ratings and hit the #1 Twitter trend during the broadcast, and the app is the most popular in the country this week.

While media consumption is changing so rapidly, there is still no other media channel capable of such rapid impact. Broadcasters have a finite window to utilise this power for their own long-term benefit, and for their brand partners. Actively building digital audiences on both owned and monetisable platforms should be a key priority for all mainstream broadcasters. Those digital products can of course be owned VOD and SVOD apps, but fans of entertainment and sport do more than watch passive video. Just look at Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook Messenger.  

First aired in Sweden, and created by former American Idol Executive Producer Per Blankens, Cue The Music is a lively mix of celebrities, physicality and live play-along gaming where audiences at home can answer the music questions in sync with the TV show. 

FremantleMedia are taking the show to other countries over 2017 and will be featuring the format at MIP in April. 

The Monterosa Play-Along product

Here is a preview of the Swedish version of the app in action. 

  • The iOS and Android app is a version of Monterosa's Play-Along solution, running on our LViS interaction platform.
  • It uses audio fingerprinting to achieve perfect sync with the show as it's broadcast.
  • Addressing the growing use of time-shifted video, the app also supports playing-along on-demand.
  • Live LViS-powered leaderboards are injected into the show, giving people at home the chance to get their name on TV.
  • The app supports a rich variety of advertising inventory and brand integration including ads that sync with TV, competitions, lead generation and data capture. 



Fremantle's Q The Music launches at MIPCOM. Could interactive TV formats be making a comeback?


Fremantle's Q The Music launches at MIPCOM. Could interactive TV formats be making a comeback?

Q the Music is FremantleMedia's new interactive music quiz format that premiered to a million viewers in Sweden on national broadcaster SVT. The format will be officially launched at MIPCOM this week.

The Monterosa play-along game supports live and on-demand play, and can be embedded in broadcaster's existing apps

The Monterosa play-along game supports live and on-demand play, and can be embedded in broadcaster's existing apps

Contestants and celebs compete to prove their musical knowledge in the high-tech studio, while the audience at home play on their phones in sync with the show. Although pre-recorded, live audience leaderboards are cut into the show as it's transmitted, creating a feeling of live. The app even works for on-demand viewers, using audio recognition technology for synchronicity.

The real-time interactive experience is provided by Monterosa, embedded within SVT's new channel app and now offered to international broadcasters either as a standalone smartphone/tablet app or an embedded module for existing broadcaster VOD apps.

With Q the Music's impressive audience figures and an increasingly loyal mobile audience (participation numbers went up every episode in the series), could this signal post-hype growth of interactive TV formats? 

One might argue that interactivity never went away; prime-time talent and reality shows such as Got Talent, X Factor and Big Brother now involve audiences more than ever through social media, web or apps. A global shift away from SMS or telephone voting towards free mobile voting has proven successful for commercial broadcasters such as ITV in the UK and NBC in the US, who engage brand partners to add value for fans by providing free voting. 

Global production companies Talpa, Endemol and Banijay all have major interactive formats on their rosters and increasingly developing 'connected' TV ideas. 

In a world where commercial broadcasters are competing harder than ever for media and sponsorship budgets, advertiser demand for innovative fan engagement ideas is high. Both producers and broadcasters benefit directly from driving audiences to register or install apps, providing a one-to-one communication channel for targeted marketing and insight generation. 

While interactivity and TV have had their ups and downs creatively, the evidence points to continued audience and advertiser demand. All that's needed now are more bold creative ideas that integrate interactivity into the show format directly, engaging audiences during and after transmission across devices and platforms. 

Get in touch with David Julliene at MIPCOM to find out more about Monterosa's fan interaction platform and products. 

Phone David:  +33 6 03 01 41 91







Monterosa's LViS platform powers new Social TV format for young audiences inspired by Buzzfeed quizzes

Monterosa's LViS platform powers new Social TV format for young audiences inspired by Buzzfeed quizzes

LViS powers second screen social TV

LViS powers second screen social TV

Tu Te Prend Pour Qui? (Who do you think you are?) is a new Social TV format piloting on France 4 this week. Four celebrity guests use iPads to play a Buzzfeed-inspired personality test made with Monterosa's LViS Studio platform. Question-by-question, the celebrities reveal their true selves while the audience at home play along with the exact same questions.

The brain-child of France TV's Social TV specialists Benjamin Thereaux and Michael Baeyens, Tu Te Prend Pour Qui? aims at a younger audience and is part of France TV's TVLab initiative which funds a range of innovative pilots every year.

How it works

The production team use the LVIS Foundation App to create a synched play-along game that works both in studio and at home. Extending LViS with its data APIs, they injected each player's answer choices into a special shot that shows all four celebrities and their chosen quiz answer. LViS even triggered sounds used in the show.

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

Check out the behind-the-scenes video:

Monterosa's LViS platform scoops Best Connected Technology Breakthrough award at the MediaTel Connies

Monterosa's LViS platform scoops Best Connected Technology Breakthrough award at the MediaTel Connies



We're thrilled that LViS has picked up the MediaTelBest Connected Technology Breakthrough award. LViS is Monterosa's groundbreaking real-time multiscreen platform that makes it easy to create and deploy live interaction with TV and digital signage.

"The breadth of applications of the LViS platform was particularly impressive; as was the list of top tier clients that Monterosa have been able to sign"

The judges were impressed with the global traction achieved in a short space of time, and that LViS created "new forms of saleable media".

Developers or product managers can sign up for access at and content producers or rights holders can see what's possible with LViS here


Monterosa and LViS expand into Latin America with FunXperience partnership and C13 deal in Chile

Monterosa has expanded into Latin America through a new tie-up with Santiago-based digital entertainment specialist FunXperience, and a first deal with Chile’s Channel 13.

The LViS platform has been licenced to C13 to power live interactivity, voting and advertiser experiences for all shows, making its debut within hit show Vertigo, a long running local primetime celebrity chat format with a long history of SMS-based interactivity.

FunXperience have launched iOS and Android companion apps, powered by LViS, which both hit #1 in the App Store and Google Play respectively. Voting numbers were exceptional with 215,000 votes and #1 Twitter trend two weeks running.

The vote allows audiences to answer online polls, eliminate guests, and determinate the credibility of the answer of guests, watching the results of their voting in the app and in the first screen.

LViS provides the robust cloud infrastructure handling massive concurrent capacity needed by popular TV, along with workflow for content producers, APIs for developers, synched advertising for sponsors and rich data capture with analytics.

Simon Brickle, COO, Monterosa said: “Our experience of working with FunXperience and C13 has been very positive - they have taken advantage of our LViS App Library and developer SDK to make a popular broadcast app in very little time.”

Edgardo Bastías, Executive Director of Funxperience said: “We are happy to work with Monterosa and the LViS platform in changing the way TV is made in Chile, introducing new digital solutions to the entertainment industry”.

Channel 4 Horse Tracker wins Best Technology by a Broadcaster award at the Sport Tech awards in London

Million Pound Drop play-along game

Channel 4 Horse Tracker, the real-time sports tracking app created by Monterosa and powered by just won "Best Technology by a Broadcaster" at the Sports Technology Awards in London.

Now ready for its third Grand National, Horse Tracker uses real-time Turftrax tracking data and with sync powered by watermarking from Kantar Media (previously Civolution), the iOS and HTML5 app presents live maps, speed and other horse data to mainstream fans of The Grand National. It includes live odds integration and mobile advertising for sponsors.

Check out the case study here

The Million Pound Drop mobile app smashes through the three million downloads barrier.

One of Endemol’s biggest global formats, The Million Pound Drop is enduringly popular on the second screen, and the iOS and Android app has gathered a huge following since its release in 2012.

Fans continue to play along with the show in their droves, and an impressive 10% of users have also paid for the “Play Anytime” premium version of the game, plus a range of themed question packs - in the mobile and social gaming world, 2% is regarded as an excellent conversion rate.


These impressive figures are testament to the value of a great TV format whose second screen game, for thousands of fans, is inextricably linked with its continuing ability to entertain.

France Télévisions use LViS Sports Companion app to activate GDF Suez sponsorship of French Open

Sunday 25th May is the first day of Rolland Garros, a.k.a. the French Open and France Télévisions have licenced and customised our shiny new, real-time LViS Sports Predictor HTML5 app, to activate fans of both the live stream and the TV broadcast.

Click here to check out the game and live stream (you must be in France to see the live stream)

With demand for sports sponsorship growing, and with increasing emphasis on performance marketing, media owners are under increasing pressure to deliver "active" sponsorships for brands.

The "Tennis Ace" companion is an extension of Energy company GDF Suez's sponsorship, which is embedded alongside the live stream on desktop and also opens up in mobile browsers for second screen fans. Unlockable competitions and a set of great prizes for winners, drive data capture (Canon digital camera? Yes please.)

The game lets tennis fans accumulate points as they predict outcomes of each game and match, with multiple predictions running at once. It's about knowledge too, and the producers have a set of tricky tennis quiz questions that'll be sent out at opportune moments when there are lulls in the action.

Fans can even save their scores between games, driving registration to the France Televisions site.

For Monterosa this is especially exciting because it's the first app to be licenced from the new LViS Store. The same Sports Presictor app with be re-versioned for the Tour de France in July and is now available to right-holders globally.

Our very nice customer Olivier Lendress, Director of Sport at France Télévisions Digital kindly supplied a quote, and in English (thanks!) it is:

"We've worked with Monterosa to create a great way to engage tennis fans during the live event. Using the LViS platform has helped us deliver the product rapidly and at scale. Our Social TV producers will be dedicated to driving content including predictions, trivia questions and other social media content for audiences and we're very excited to see the effect it will have with fans who watch the live stream and on TV."

The Sports Predictor game from the LViS Store includes these features

  • Point-scoring predictions. The sooner you choose, the more you win
  • Multiple, concurrent predictions
  • Multiple-choice trivia questions with or without pictures
  • Push interesting facts, stats and trivia
  • Achievements that unlock competition entry
  • Leaderboards
  • Search, moderate and push curated Tweets
  • Create and manage competitions with secure data capture
  • Personal profile and settings
  • Optional integration with Janrain or Gigya identity management


Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

TV 2 Norway licenses LViS Studio as their interaction platform

Norway’s biggest commercial broadcaster TV 2 has signed a 12-month LViS Studio licence deal as part of their 2014 business strategy, which places second screen social interaction at the core of their entertainment and sport programming.

Built on the LViS Powerbar and LViS Competitions APIs, TV 2’s first LViS-Powered experience has handball fans all over Norway ringing the virtual Cowbell in support of their women’s international team at the Handball World Championships. At key moments in the game, commentators urge viewers to go to and ring the Cowbell, effectively “rating” what they’ve just watched. Straight after ringing the Cowbell, fans can enter TV 2’s competition to win a signed jersey by submitting a few of their details. And finally, using VizRT’s on-screen graphics, the Bell-o-Meter lets the viewers know just how much noise they’re all generating.

Tom McDonnell, Monterosa's CEO said, “TV2 is among the most forward-thinking broadcasters in global broadcast technology, investing in leaders such as VizRT and now LViS. We’re proud to be working to enhance their TV proposition for both audiences and advertisers.”

Nils Borhaug at TV2 added, “We know that LViS Studio will enable us to develop second-screen proposals enhancing TV experience for our viewers and offering new and exciting opportunities for our sponsors. Monterosa proved to be the most promising offering both based on functionality and flexibility of the LViS platform and also for their accumulated experience and knowledge working with a variety of broadcasters and brands.”

LViS chosen to power
Channel 4 second screen
app 4Now

4Now, powered by LViS

UK national commercial broadcaster Channel 4 has adopted Monterosa"s LViS Studio platform to power live interactivity in its new second screen app 4Now, enhancing all of its programming on all channels.

LViS Studio is being used to create and manage and analyse a broad range of live interactivity including polling, play-along and other types of show-specific interaction. The managed cloud platform allows Channel 4 internal teams and third party developers to make their own skins and to develop rich, high volume synched apps using LViS Studio APIs without needing to deploy specialist infrastructure for each usage.

Tom McDonnell, usually has many love affairs. Monterosa"s Commercial Director explained "Second screen is moving beyond hype, growing up and it"s becoming business as usual for broadcasters such as Channel 4. They need to create light interactivity and advertising alongside TV that goes beyond social aggregation and integrates with TV programming itself. LViS Studio provides a producer-friendly, easy-to-use and API driven way to deliver interactivity without having to hire an agency and setup complex infrastructure each time. ".


Channel 4 is launching the app to a group of young users in July, extending the service to a wider audience later in the year.

4Now is the latest development in Channel 4’s strategy of developing a two-way relationship with its audience and enhancing data capture opportunities. Channel 4 currently has over eight million registered users – which includes one in three of all 16-24 year olds in the UK.

Recent synchronised second-screen successes for Channel 4 also include Monterosa created and another Monterosa product Horse Tracker which allows TV audiences to track the position and speed of their horse in live horse racing.


Live Second Screen Horse Tracker app launches for UK's biggest racing event Grand National

As part of their first year of coverage, Channel 4 and Monterosa have launched Horse Tracker, a groundbreaking second screen app built on Monterosa's LViS technology with data from TurfTrax and audio watermarking from Civolution, the app allows people at home to track the position, speed and status of their horses as they race, in synch with the TV.

*Update* Check out the case study video:

The Grand National is Britain's biggest horse racing event of the year and over the course of the meeting, an estimated £500m ($760m) will be bet on horses at the Aintree meeting. It may be the nation's favourite race, but it's one of the busiest, most confusing and those who don't follow racing regularly often find it hard to see the position of their horse.

James Rutherford, Channel 4's multi-platform commissioner for sport said “In the heat of the live action it can often be difficult for viewers to track the position of their horses. Using real time data from the course combined with the latest audio-watermarking technology has allowed us to give viewers the chance to exactly track their horses alongside the television coverage.”

The app is now available on the App Store and as a web/mobile web version at

Horse Tracker is available for international licencing.

Sky introduces free second screen voting with Monterosa's LViS

Sky have adopted Monterosa's LViS Studio to power secure, free second screen voting for the finals of their hit talent show Got To Dance.

The dance format presented by Davina McCall is in its fourth series. It previously used online payments and credits for voting, but Sky have now adopted the solution provided by LViS Studio, in order to provide audiences with a free option that works on web, mobile or Zeebox.

Tom McDonnell, Monterosa’s Commercial Director said: "We've made high volume, secure voting an integral part of LViS because we know that audiences don't want to pay to vote, and for broadcasters the opportunities for cross-promotion and continued engagement are more exciting than SMS and telephony revenues.

Aidan Conway, head of digital entertainment at Sky, added: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Monterosa to offer free-of-charge second screen voting, helping our viewers have their say in who is crowned the champion of this year’s Got To Dance.”

BBC Worldwide chooses LViS for global second screen game for Top Gear

Top Gear is one of BBC Worldwide’s flagship global brands, and was recently named the Most Watched Factual Programme in the World by the Guinness World Records. Now international Top Gear fans across the world will be able to enjoy a new second screen game powered by Monterosa's LViS platform.

BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC which generates almost £1 billion of revenue, has chosen LViS Studio to power Top Gear Bingo, and as part of the deal has bought a long term LViS licence which can power a range of other second screen and voting experiences for all genres of TV show.

Top Gear Bingo / Second Screen

Top Gear Bingo! encourages viewers to look out for well known phrases, cars and items synonymous with the hit motoring entertainment programme, ticking them off on their screens in a similar style to a traditional bingo game. The free-to-play HTML5 web app is accessed though the BBC channel’s website where viewers can invite friends to join them through Facebook, comparing scores while playing along with the live broadcast. A brand new game is available with every episode.

Duncan Gray, Commercial Director of Top Gear at BBC Worldwide says: “We wanted to create a free Top Gear game that enhances our international viewers’ enjoyment of the show’s premiere broadcast.  Top Gear Bingo! does just that, allowing fans to look out for words, phrases and items that appear, competing with their friends to see who can get the highest score each week via a leaderboard if you log in with Facebook. And we hope that the unique way we’ve been able to integrate advertisers into the proposition will be well received.”

Tom McDonnell, Commercial Director at Monterosa says: "LViS is our versatile platform that allows us to quickly and economically develop fantastic second-screen apps that can live anywhere and scale globally. Working with BBC Worldwide, we're giving fans a way to enhance their viewing experience and broadcasters a new way to activate sponsorships and to create additional advertising opportunities through the second-screen. It's an exciting time for second-screen and we're proud that LViS is becoming the best way to make and deploy global apps for mainstream TV shows."

Read the full BBC Press Release here. 

• Top Gear Bingo! will be available alongside Series 19 in the following territories: Australia (BBC Knowledge, 3rd Feb), Brasil (BBC HD, 4th Feb), South Africa (BBC Entertainment, 6th Feb), Poland (BBC Knowledge, 7th Feb), Asia (BBC Knowledge, 10th Feb) and LatAm (BBC Entertainment, 20th Feb).

• BBC Worldwide are open to making the app available to other broadcasters of Top Gear around the world.

Sky One pilots gameshow using Monterosa's LViS for second screen

UK Pay-TV broadcaster Sky One and Warner/Shed owned Twenty-Twenty Television are piloting an interactive quiz fronted by Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox which uses Monterosa's LViS Studio platform to power the second screen play-along game.

Players at home will be able to play along live with the show in an LViS-powered HTML5 app available on web and mobile, before answering eight rounds of yes/no questions, based around morals. As an LViS Producer Partner, Twenty Twenty have the platform's speed and versatility to create a fully working game for the pilot.

Twenty Twenty Television will film Take on the Nation at Sky Studios in Brentford next week.

While they answer the questions within 60 seconds, Cox will speak with a selection of viewers via Skype to provide an insight into what the nation is thinking.

The questions are designed to take a “snapshot of the nation”, with three contestants in the studio guessing what percentage of viewers answered “yes” to the questions posed.

The contestant with the closest prediction will bank a sum of money and whoever collects the biggest pot at the end of the eight rounds will go through to the final, where they will battle the viewers at home to keep their prize.

Simon Brickle, Monterosa Managing Director said "The beauty of using LViS is that you can create a usable, good-looking HTML5 app quickly, which plugs into TV graphics and studio technology, and can live on any device or platform. It's brought time and costs down dramatically, enabling producers like Twenty Twenty to test interactive formats while in development".


Sky and Shine use LViS to deliver Take The Lead game for fans of hit dance format Got To Dance

Sky One and Shine-owned production company Princess have selected LViS to power "Take The Lead", their play-along game for fans of long-running hit dance format Got To Dance. The Davina McCall-fronted talent show features exceptional dancing talent and the game asks the audience to predict the outcome of each show in order to earn a maximum three star rating.

Using LViS APIs, the Monterosa creative team have developed the HTML5 adaptive play-along app in just a week. It features a series of live predictions created by the editorial team at Princess, and the ability for super fans to share their star rating and prove their Got To Dance prowess.

The game will reside on and Zeebox.

Alex Button, senior producer at Monterosa said "The beauty of using LViS is that you can drop it into whatever context you like. In this case, Sky wanted to push the audience to both their website and to Zeebox."

"Sky are using LViS to economically deploy rich second screen interaction with their content. By leveraging the speed and flexibility of LViS, broadcasters can drive measurable ROI from the second screen", said Tom McDonnell, Monterosa Commercial Director.

Tom McDonnell, Monterosa co-founder



We've Moved!

Much as we'll miss the delights of endless queuing to get into Oxford Circus tube station at rush hour, not to mention fighting our way through the hordes of assiduous shoppers everyday, we're pleased to announce that we’ve now departed Great Castle Street for the headier climes of... Clerkenwell.

Monterosa Towers is now located at 2nd Floor, 5-9 Hatton Wall, EC1N 8HX. Although it’s been our new home for just a few days we’re already happily settling in. There’s still much to do to get the office looking just the way we want it, whilst carrying on with business as usual of course, but first things first – commencing the search for a new local. Oh wait, there's one right next door:

Hat and Tun pub

If you have any other eating-and-drinking-in-Farringdon tips, let us know in the comments. In the meantime, some new office photos for your viewing pleasure...

New Monterosa office photos

Photo of the new Monterosa office