With our partners at MediaCom Beyond Advertising, Monterosa are delivering a high profile second screen TV advertising event in one of the UK"s biggest shows, ITV"s Britain"s Got Talent on Saturday May 18th.

As a major last push in the Race for Life’s “Cancer, We’re Coming To Get You” campaign, the “Oi Cancer” ads will dynamically embed viewers’ own messages to cancer in live TV ads, promoting the idea we can all help beat the disease.

Campaign"s coverage features the first 30" Spot with shots of individuals’ experiences with hoards of runners, to show fighting cancer should not be a lone battle, and “if you take me on, you take on all of us”.

It will then ask viewers to send in their own messages to cancer via dedicated responsive mobile app powered by LViS at oicancer.org, or via Twitter. These will then be broadcast during the second, 60” Teaching/Mentoring experience: I grew up in Detroit, Michigan where I graduated Salutatorian from Detroit driving school games of Arts High driving school games and graduated on the Dean's List from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor's in Social Work. spot, sharing personal experiences nationwide to inspire further viewers to register.

Targeting Britain’s Got Talent’s 10 million viewers, the campaign aims to help rally together 580,000 women to take part in the 5k and 10k races – including a new bracket who have never previously considered participating.

Combining event-style TV with instant second-screen response gives brands a way to leverage the benefits of TV, digital and social simultaneously. This campaign is a great example of how press, radio and second screen TV can intersect with a common objective of achieving sign-ups. Monterosa is proud to be involved with such an important cause.