Monterosa has expanded into Latin America through a new tie-up with Santiago-based digital entertainment specialist FunXperience, and a first deal with Chile’s Channel 13.

The LViS platform has been licenced to C13 to power live interactivity, voting and advertiser experiences for all shows, making its debut within hit show Vertigo, a long running local primetime celebrity chat format with a long history of SMS-based interactivity.

FunXperience have launched iOS and Android companion apps, powered by LViS, which both hit #1 in the App Store and Google Play respectively. Voting numbers were exceptional with 215,000 votes and #1 Twitter trend two weeks running.

The vote allows audiences to answer online polls, eliminate guests, and determinate the credibility of the answer of guests, watching the results of their voting in the app and in the first screen.

LViS provides the robust cloud infrastructure handling massive concurrent capacity needed by popular TV, along with workflow for content producers, APIs for developers, synched advertising for sponsors and rich data capture with analytics.

Simon Brickle, COO, Monterosa said: “Our experience of working with FunXperience and C13 has been very positive - they have taken advantage of our LViS App Library and developer SDK to make a popular broadcast app in very little time.”

Edgardo Bastías, Executive Director of Funxperience said: “We are happy to work with Monterosa and the LViS platform in changing the way TV is made in Chile, introducing new digital solutions to the entertainment industry”.