HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series fantasy game to include women's game


HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series fantasy game to include women's game

The highly successful online Rugby7Stars fantasy game, produced for World Rugby to engage fans with the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, has been updated to include the addition of the hugely popular women’s rugby sevens - the first time a fantasy game has combined both the men’s and women’s players in one fantasy experience.


The fantasy game will also now be available in Japanese, French and Spanish for the new season

Undoubtedly one of the great hits of Rio 2016 was the women’s sevens; the game is growing rapidly in popularity and the Rugby7Stars game will increase fan engagement throughout the six-tournament HSBC World Rugby Women's Sevens Series.

Monterosa has developed the game for World Rugby, with the goal of providing meaningful interaction with fans around the world via a dedicated website  Rugby7Stars draws on the nostalgia of card trading games and live fantasy in a new way in addition to telling the rugby sevens story to new fans. To reflect the huge interest in sevens across the globe the fantasy game will also now be available in Japanese, French and Spanish for the new season. Other substantial updates made to the game play to enhance its appeal will include the addition of mini-leagues to enable fans to compete directly with friends and colleagues.

Rugby7Stars is based on a card gaming format and every player in the men’s and women’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series has a card that lists their attributes. Fans use the cards to play head-to–head games against one another and then win player cards to take into the live tournaments and play live fantasy Sevens. To add to the excitement for fans, and to match the speed of sevens, fans will be able to live sub players during and between games to maximise their ability to score fantasy points.

World Rugby Head of Broadcast, Commercial & Marketing, Murray Barnett: As a governing body we are very aware of the need to reach new fans and entertain existing ones. We are delighted to be pioneering this by working with Monterosa to engage with rugby sevens fans across the globe. Introducing the excitement of the women’s game to Rugby7Stars can only help the sport go from strength to strength.”


HSBC Global Head of Sponsorship and Events, Giles Morgan: “We have seen the impact of the Rio 2016 Games on the sport of sevens, and initiatives such as Rugby7Stars enable new fans who are just starting to get excited by the sport to learn more and continue their journey. The combining of the women’s series is a big step forward as we look to promote the game of sevens to all sexes, and generations.”

Monterosa Director of Sport, Ben Barker: “Rugby7Stars is a great game to play.  We have created a fan interaction solution for World Rugby that we want to exceed fans’ expectations and provide a really enjoyable experience.  Adding the women’s game along with new languages brings a totally fresh and contemporary feel and we are looking forward to seeing huge numbers playing.

Rugby7Stars is available via the World Rugby Sevens website or at

ITV appoints Monterosa to create live I’m a Celebrity fan app for new 2016 series

We wanted to go even further, by enhancing what we can offer fans this year through targeted digital engagement and the use of Monterosa’s versatile platform
— Athena Witter, ITV Digital Studios, Head of Entertainment

ITV appoints Monterosa to create live I’m a Celebrity fan app for new 2016 series

We're very pleased to announce that Monterosa has been selected by ITV to deliver the next generation of the I'm a Celebrity app when it returns for its 16th series in the jungle, this week.

Having introduced the I'm a Celebrity app for the first time last year, ITV has now tasked us with creating a modernised, versatile product that builds on the growing trend for live content and competitive social gaming as a way of enhancing fan interaction and promoting brand awareness for I'm a Celebrity and headline sponsor, Aunt Bessie’s.

The new app will showcase a new live content grid with features, stories, play-along and a highly entertaining, all-new, arcade game in partnership with Aunt Bessie’s.  Aunt Bessie’s and other advertisers will be able to capitalise on ITV’s AdSync formats, with special interactivity taking over the app during ad breaks.  The app is designed to keep fans entertained both during the show and 24/7, as the show’s producers will be pushing live content to the app as it happens.

The app is powered by our fan interaction platform LViS and our new "Fan Companion" app product.  Fan Companion is a live native app framework designed for shows and events providing a real-time personalised experience that delivers value through loyalty, engagement and brand activation for sponsors.

Lorraine Rothwell, Marketing Director at Aunt Bessie’s, said:  “It was important to us to build on our phenomenally successful first year of sponsorship of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! to make year two even bigger and better, and given how successful the app was upon launch, we just had to be part of it.  It’s a great way for us to showcase more exciting content from the Aunt Bessie’s brand and really engage with our audience.”

Athena Witter, ITV’s Head of Entertainment, Comedy & Drama, ITV Digital Studios - Online, said: We are extremely happy to be working with Monterosa on our new app. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to free voting last year, with in excess of 56 million votes cast, and over a quarter of a billion total app interactions from our highly engaging playalong and content offering. We wanted to go even further, by enhancing what we can offer fans this year through targeted digital engagement and the use of Monterosa’s versatile platform we can continue to maintain our strong audience share and give our fans unprecedented levels of engaging content”.

Tom McDonnell, CEO Monterosa, said: “ITV makes some of the world’s most successful interactive TV show apps and we’re thrilled to be providing the latest generation of experiences for fans of I’m a Celebrity. Our LViS platform enables content producers to coordinate large volumes of live interaction, generating loyalty, insights and helping brands like Aunt Bessie’s get the most out of their sponsorship through immersive digital fan experiences.

The new 2016 I’m a Celebrity fan app will be available to download on Wednesday 9th November.

The exciting new I'm a Celebrity series starts Sunday 13th November at 9pm on ITV

Monterosa partner FUNX to expand fan engagement business across Latin America

Monterosa partner FUNX to expand fan engagement business across Latin America


We're very pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Chilean technology agency, FUNX, to provide interaction solutions to high-profile entertainment and sports organisations across Latin America.

Building on our collaboration on the No. 1 Canal 13 Copa America app, our companies have formalised a partnership and will launch live interactive apps for the Chilean Telethon (2-3 December), Street Machine (Festivals producer) and Arena Santiago. We are also integrating operations with Chilean staff members based in Monterosa’s London office.

FUNX has a reputation for generating digital audiences through fan activation for sports, entertainment, and broadcasters.  They first worked with Monterosa utilising our exclusive digital platform LViS to deliver an app for C13, broadcasters of the Brazilian World Cup, and we have been strengthening our relationship ever since; creating interactive capabilities for broadcasters and live match activation for sports teams including a streaming, stats and voting app for Copa America 2015 and 2016 for Latam Telecom Claro, a real-time voting app for C13’s top dancing show Bailando and fan apps for football teams Universidad Catolica in Chile and Sporting Cristal in Perú.

Working together we will expand our client base in LATAM with a focus on football and entertainment in Chile, Perú, Colombia and Uruguay.

Executive Director of FUNX, Edgardo Bastías, said: “Our relationship with Monterosa is incredibly important to our business and using their LViS platform means we can reach new levels of fan engagement and create reliable, robust products that bring our clients even closer to their fans. By embedding FUNX staff at Monterosa’s London Headquarters we can ensure that we have a deep understanding of all its capabilities and take advantage of technological advances as they happen.”

Tom McDonnell, Monterosa CEO said: "We are delighted to be partnered with FUNX in Latin America. It’s an extremely important market for broadcast, entertainment and sport and FUNX have the appetite, skills and reputation to succeed. Our LViS platform enables content producers to coordinate large volumes of live interaction reliably, generating loyalty, insights and helping brands get the most out of their relationships through immersive digital fan experiences. Having FUNX staff based in our London office means we can work closely together to fully understand the requirements in Latin America."


Context, timing and personalisation are key to maximising fan engagement


Context, timing and personalisation are key to maximising fan engagement


Fan engagement is a term much discussed but little understood. An increasing array of apps, games, streaming and social network propositions are vying for fans’ attention. That attention is limited; although we spend more time consuming media than we do sleeping, there are limits.

So how can rightsholders, broadcasters and sponsors make sense of it all and make sure they hit the right note with fans to cut through the noise?

In such a fast moving space, the answers will change annually if not faster. In 2017 the key will be good timing, contextual relevance and personalisation.

Prophecies on the future of fan engagement often suggest there might be a singular method of consumption such as VR or AR. But the real answer will be a diverse mix that depends on the demographic and psychographic profile of the fan, the type of sport, the fan’s location and the time of day. The same fan behaves differently in the stadium, in front of the TV and on their daily commute.

As fans we have always benefitted from social currency generated by our shared passion. Today that currency has never been more temporal. Victories, athlete stories and controversies on and off the pitch, now gain instant traction.

As the still-dominant platform for watching live sports, TV or streaming is the jumping off point. Moments are then propelled via social networks (Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Snapchat primarily), and instant messaging such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


When Alistair Brownlee helped his brother over the line last month, a social media viral hit emerged in less than a day, TV footage of a triathlon gaining more views than TV itself.

But then, almost as fast as everyone was talking about one moment, attention shifts to the next. Even the biggest sporting moments have a relatively short half-life.

There is no singular medium or digital solution for fans, because they use many devices and apps, often at the same time as TV. Despite that, there is one universal fact – fans are hungry and impatient. They need to be entertained, educated, and amused in the moment.

While traditional TV isn’t going anywhere for the time being, apps, social and messaging channels have the advantage of personalisation. An app can send push notifications tailored to your team, a Messaging Bot can speak to you as if it’s your friend. A fantasy game can let you compete with your own friends.



HSBC World Rugby Sevens: Live Multi-screen Fantasy


Engaging fans on multiple screens simultaneously is a challenging approach that can be particularly rewarding when executed well. HSBC and World Rugby Sevens, for instance, worked with us to speak to a new generation of Sevens fans, to enhance the global TV broadcast and to build a Sevens CRM database.

We created a new breed of live fantasy which attracted fans from 140 countries in 2015-16.

The “Rugby7Stars” game engages fans both between events and while they’re watching live on TV, solving a key problem with traditional fantasy: lack of engagement between events. In the game we created, Sevens fans are given the opportunity to build their fantasy squad between events 24/7 by opening card packs of players from each country, then competing head to head with other fans around the world to steal players.

During the live broadcast, live TV graphics on the world feed feature leaderboards of fantasy players, with commentators calling out fan names making them part of the coverage.

Interaction with live TV or streaming is no longer a gimmick. Although forcing fans to interact during the most exciting moments is an unwelcome distraction, allowing them to make live substitutions in down-moments is a very successful technique.



How to maximise business value from engaging fans?

It’s essential to be clear about what you’re trying to achieve. Educating new fans, communicating with younger ones, building a database for ticket marketing are all legitimate goals but they can lead to very different approaches. 

MLB’s Statcast uses live tracking data to tell new stories and create a new sponsored product

MLB’s Statcast uses live tracking data to tell new stories and create a new sponsored product


It goes without saying that if you aren’t making something significantly better than it was before, your idea won’t last very long. Just look at Major League Baseball’s new StatCast as a product that provides value for fans through new real-time stats and stories based on live player and ball tracking data. It's truly groundbreaking using new types of tracking data never seen before. 


Value for Rightsholder & Sponsor

What we create has the potential to add value for the rightsholder and sponsors, a capability that can be monetised through specific sponsorship from a brand looking to associate with smart data, in MLB’s case that is Amazon Web Services.


We also provided Carlsberg and UEFA with a new take on both Man of The Match and Goal of The Tournament for Euro 2016. The two ‘sole & exclusive’ rights formed part of Carlsberg’s partnership and the brand wanted to activate fans while fulfilling its promise of “doing it better for fans”.

As such, they could simultaneously vote on all platforms including UEFA app, Carlsberg’s football hub, Twitter and Facebook. The experience included video, social buzz, ambassador commentary and personalised meme sharing. For the first time, the brand was able to use goal footage on social media to promote the vote. Delivering an impressive 2 million users and 9 minutes average dwell time, it proved how doing things differently drives attention and brand exposure.


The Value of Data

Last but not least, sensitively collected data is a both a by-product and for some, the most valuable output of interaction. In Norway with broadcaster TV 2, Monterosa activates fans of a sports reality competition show “Best of the Best”, with a prediction game that drives location-qualified test drive requests for sponsor Renault. Location-qualified leads carry great value to car brands. 

For our client TF1, one of France’s official broadcasters of Euro 2016, our LViS platform powered a live overlay panel featuring line-ups, live stats and audience reactions.

For our client TF1, one of France’s official broadcasters of Euro 2016, our LViS platform powered a live overlay panel featuring line-ups, live stats and audience reactions.

Forward-looking broadcasters like the UK's Channel 4 recognise that building a registered database of profiled users helps drive premiums on targeted ads and help to target marketing by age, location and interests. 



Maximising Value: Five Takeaways

  1. Do something different or better

  2. Pick your moment to motivate action

  3. Request sign-up, purchase or share at the least interruptive time

  4. Personalise the experience wherever possible

  5. Avoid pinning a strategy to a single platform or social network



Fremantle's Q The Music launches at MIPCOM. Could interactive TV formats be making a comeback?


Fremantle's Q The Music launches at MIPCOM. Could interactive TV formats be making a comeback?

Q the Music is FremantleMedia's new interactive music quiz format that premiered to a million viewers in Sweden on national broadcaster SVT. The format will be officially launched at MIPCOM this week.

The Monterosa play-along game supports live and on-demand play, and can be embedded in broadcaster's existing apps

The Monterosa play-along game supports live and on-demand play, and can be embedded in broadcaster's existing apps

Contestants and celebs compete to prove their musical knowledge in the high-tech studio, while the audience at home play on their phones in sync with the show. Although pre-recorded, live audience leaderboards are cut into the show as it's transmitted, creating a feeling of live. The app even works for on-demand viewers, using audio recognition technology for synchronicity.

The real-time interactive experience is provided by Monterosa, embedded within SVT's new channel app and now offered to international broadcasters either as a standalone smartphone/tablet app or an embedded module for existing broadcaster VOD apps.

With Q the Music's impressive audience figures and an increasingly loyal mobile audience (participation numbers went up every episode in the series), could this signal post-hype growth of interactive TV formats? 

One might argue that interactivity never went away; prime-time talent and reality shows such as Got Talent, X Factor and Big Brother now involve audiences more than ever through social media, web or apps. A global shift away from SMS or telephone voting towards free mobile voting has proven successful for commercial broadcasters such as ITV in the UK and NBC in the US, who engage brand partners to add value for fans by providing free voting. 

Global production companies Talpa, Endemol and Banijay all have major interactive formats on their rosters and increasingly developing 'connected' TV ideas. 

In a world where commercial broadcasters are competing harder than ever for media and sponsorship budgets, advertiser demand for innovative fan engagement ideas is high. Both producers and broadcasters benefit directly from driving audiences to register or install apps, providing a one-to-one communication channel for targeted marketing and insight generation. 

While interactivity and TV have had their ups and downs creatively, the evidence points to continued audience and advertiser demand. All that's needed now are more bold creative ideas that integrate interactivity into the show format directly, engaging audiences during and after transmission across devices and platforms. 

Get in touch with David Julliene at MIPCOM to find out more about Monterosa's fan interaction platform and products. 

Phone David:  +33 6 03 01 41 91







Monterosa puts fans at the heart of the action for Carlsberg at UEFA EURO 2016™

Monterosa puts fans at the heart of the action for Carlsberg at UEFA EURO 2016™


Monterosa has been appointed by Carlsberg to create the interactive digital experiences for UEFA EURO 2016™.


Ahead of the start of the UEFA European Football Championships, Official Partner Carlsberg have announced that they will be using Monterosa’s fan engagement platform LViS to power voting & fan interaction for this year’s Man of the Match and Goal of the Round/Tournament experiences. 


Carlsberg has been one of the EURO official sponsors since 1988. This year, as a strategic part of its commitment to “do it better for the fans”, the Danish brewing giant has turned to Monterosa to deliver a real-time interactive consumer experience across Facebook, Twitter,, the UEFA app and Carlsberg's own football hub. In a first for a global sporting event, fans will be able to interact with the Man of the Match and Goal of the Tournament experiences on the platforms and devices that are most relevant to them. Monterosa’s fan engagement platform LViS will be used to power the live voting and fan interaction.


Richard Whitty, Senior Marketing Manager, Football, Carlsberg Group, said: “Heading into our eighth consecutive UEFA European Football Championships we are constantly challenging ourselves and our partners to bring the best possible experience to our fans across Europe and around the world. Monterosa’s unique combination of technology, solutions and innovation allows us to let the fans really be a part of making key decisions during the EURO, and we can’t wait to see them getting involved.”


Martin Majlund, Head of Global Marketing Technology, Carlsberg Group, commented: “Monterosa’s LViS platform provides us with an enterprise-grade solution that will allow millions of fans around the world to interact with the EUROs on the channel of their choice. For the first time they can engage through our website, the UEFA app or on social channels, we’ll be able to aggregate their votes and hopefully create the biggest ever sporting interaction.”


Ben Barker, Director of Sport, Monterosa, said: “Carlsberg’s desire for technology innovation is at the heart of their approach to fan experiences, and a key factor in our new relationship with them. Since the 2012 tournament, how fans engage and interact with football has fundamentally changed, and through our work with Carlsberg we’ll ensure that fans have a clear voice and are at the centre of the action.”

How live sports data is powering the next generation of mobile fan experience: 3 examples


How live sports data is powering the next generation of mobile fan experience: 3 examples


Team Monterosa are having a busy weekend of live sport interactivity across horse racing, rugby and cycling. We're powering a growing number of real-time interactive products that add to the fan experience and help both brands and rights-holders maximise the opportunities in participation and audience data. Here are three live examples, all powered by our LViS platform and feeding mobile, social content and live TV graphics. 

1. Horse Racing & Live Tracking

Horse Tracker is busy helping Channel 4 audiences track their horses, using wearable tracking technology and our LViS platform to sync live maps and speed/position data. 


2. Live Fantasy Gaming

Our new Fantasy Live app is powering the official World Rugby 7s fantasy in Hong Kong. Unlike most fantasy games, you can substitute your players live while watching in stadium or in the living room. 


3. Cycling Predictions

Lightweight interactivity is powering TV 2's cycling coverage, engaging fans with real-time predictions for fuel sponsor Uno. The experience is available on mobile web and Twitter, allowing fans to engage on whichever platform they prefer and see their votes impact TV graphics and commentary. 



A record-breaking week of TV interactivity


A record-breaking week of TV interactivity


Fan engagement is a tricky business. Audiences are bombarded with content options day in day out, on every device. Finding new ways to grab attention is a never-ending challenge.

The last seven days just broke our record for the most live TV events delivered in the most countries around the world. While tech journalists may have moved onto VR, mobile interaction with TV has gone mainstream.

Fremantle’s Norwegian Idol launched last night on Norway’s leading commercial channel TV 2 and introduced free real-time voting for the first time. A significant portion of the Norwegian population picked up their smartphones to vote last night, boosting traffic to TV 2’s website, driving social buzz and national attention.

Channel 4 and All3Media’s controversial Great British Sex Survey special asked the public to take a personality test that assesses their sexual preferences and Kinky factor. They get a personalised sex score-card to share socially (or keep private, depending on how you feel about sharing your perversions). Apparently I’m Adventurous.


In France, Air Productions’ Tout Le Monde Joue returned with impressive audiences playing-along with the “Test The Nation” style gameshow on public broadcaster France 2. This time around, History was the theme and the native iOS and Android app performed flawlessly.

Also in France on commercial channel TF1, The Bachelor came back for its sixth season this week with a live “Love’o’meter” challenge for super fans allowing them to rate the contestants and share their choices on social networks.

In Chile with our partner FunX we power voting and live ratings for Bailando the hit dance format, drawing large spikes of usage and the fourth time we’ve achieved the top spot on the App Store and Google Play.

So what’s driving this growth?

  1. Fans. The most engaged, the biggest advocates for a show, always want to get closer to the characters and stories, and to express their passion for the entertainment they love. SMS is dead. Focussing on a single platform like Twitter or Facebook alone is not enough. Almost nobody watches TV now without at some stage using their smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps, web and social experiences are easily accessible.
  2. Technical Trust. Technically, live interactivity used to be risky. With our LViS platform we’ve delivered millions of hours of immersive attention with zero failures and achieved the trust of broadcasters and producers. That encourages more creativity. We’re also getting.
  3. Ease of delivery in-house. With the tools available it’s now possible to setup and configure interactivity rather than “build” it. This means broadcasters can deploy a platform for a whole year of shows rather than invest heavily in just one. Applying some custom HTML is easy. Controlling the experience is easy. Even using APIs to build custom solutions in-house is now an option for broadcasters.
  4. Data. Interactivity is an extremely effective driver of owned or first-party data. i.e. data that broadcasters can use to benefit the core business and to improve targeting. There are very few ways to quickly acquire 500,000 new users to a CRM, with visibility of gender, age and preferential data.
  5. Brands. All major advertisers are investing in mobile. Soon there will be no sponsorship or airtime deals that don’t have a major mobile component. With ad blocking on the rise, broadcasters that can’t offer compelling, innovative ways to connect with mobile audiences, will suffer.

Some data and trends

  • Conversation rates of 5–15% from TV audience are now normal, with some big successes reaching beyond 20% of the TV audience
  • The male/female split tends to mirror the show itself, normally approaching 50/50
  • Free mobile experiences attract younger audiences
  • Android use is growing globally
  • Tablet use is down, presumably with the advent of larger smartphones
  • Use of HTML5 apps through mobile web is popular and convenient, particularly for voting
  • For big shows, fans are more than happy to download native apps with no significant barrier presented
  • Interactive ideas in TV shows increase the buzz on social networks, even if the experience takes place in an app

What next?

With audience and advertiser demand established, broadcasters must now focus on adoption of consistent technology, formats for brands, and creative execution of format ideas that work on all platforms, 24/7. Only by combining all three pillars, can traditional media businesses reap the benefits of new mobile-centric behaviours.


Tout Le Monde Joue avec le Cerveau - the show goes on in Paris as Nagui's Air Productions response to attacks

Tout Le Monde Joue avec le Cerveau - the show goes on in Paris as Nagui's Air Productions response to attacks

TLMJ studio
TLMJ studio

French broadcaster Nagui is one of the most familiar faces on French TV, so his response to the attacks of 13 November matters.

Last night as he welcomed viewers to his 2 1/2 hour long live interactive quiz show "Tout Le Monde Joue avec Le Cerveau" he took a moment to explain that the decision to go ahead with this shiny-floor show, after a weekend of horror and wall-to-wall news coverage had been a difficult one, but like the England-France friendly they were scheduled against, his team's decision to set aside their fears and go on with the show was the right one for them and for France. The 300-strong studio audience clapped for a whole minute, releasing the palpable tension in the big studio in Saint Denis, and Nagui's usual control momentarily slipped as he struggled with the emotion of the moment.

It was a good call. Everyone in the Air Productions team (Nagui's own production company, part of the Banijay group) was either affected by the attacks or knew somebody who was. All emphatically supported the decision. The French people agreed - 3.8m viewed the show, well above the slot average and the play-along game numbers set a new record for France 2 as they played along in their hundreds of thousands on their devices.

The Monterosa team set aside doubts and boarded the empty Eurostar on Monday morning feeling privileged to be a part of the production. Leaving Saint Denis through the security cordon this morning, it is clear that the situation in Paris is still developing, but the healing is starting and we feel proud to have been a part of it in a small way.

Monterosa secures £1.2m in funding and appoints The Mill CEO Robin Shenfield as Chairman

Monterosa secures £1.2m in funding and appoints The Mill CEO Robin Shenfield as Chairman

Fundraise Story

It's with great pleasure that Monterosa today announced a new round of funding and the appointment of The Mill CEO Robin Shenfield as Chairman. The deal follows a successful period of expansion and adoption of the Monterosa LViS platform by broadcasters, brands and sports rights-holders. The fundraising was led by investment firm 24Haymarket and included Angel CoFund and Shenfield.

Marek Gumienny, a founding director of 24Haymarket, has joined the board, with Shenfield appointed as chairman. The investment will be used to expand Monterosa’s team across sales, product development and delivery, extending its already-global footprint in sports marketing, brand activation and broadcasting.

Marek Gumienny said: “We at 24Haymarket are very impressed with the early-stage adoption of Monterosa’s platform across the media spectrum from major international broadcasters to content producers, rights-holders and brands. We are delighted to invest in partnership with Tom and the rest of the team and to support their vision of continuing to build the pre-eminent multiscreen activation platform combining leadership in technology and creative solutions.”

Robin Shenfield added: “Mobile has become hugely relevant to brands, particularly where content can be synchronised and made relevant across multiple screens, including live television. The creativity that Monterosa has brought to producing engaging content, especially for sports and entertainment formats, is hugely impressive, as is their development of LViS, which is recognised to be the most robust, scalable and user-friendly platform in the world for developing real-time games and other applications.”

Monterosa’s success coincides with a huge uptick in the consumption of media on mobile devices and the increasing trend for content to be consumed simultaneously across multiple screens. Millward Brown’s AdReaction 2014 reports that the owners of smartphones and tablets typically spend a third of their time watching a “second screen” while watching television. By embracing the new consumer context and deliberately involving audiences in multi-screen social interactivity, brands can capture more attention and communicate messages closer to the point of influence, purchase and data capture.

Monterosa was established by McDonnell, Simon Brickle and Igor Loboda, all ex-BBC. The company’s early successes included Test The Nation, Endemol’s award-winning Million Pound Drop, ITV’s first second-screen app for the FIFA World Cup, and Channel 4’s Horse Tracker app for the Grand National.

The success of LViS has been widely recognised with a string of high-profile awards from BAFTA, the Royal Television Society, Broadcast Digital and the Sports Technology Awards. LViS has established itself as the interaction technology of choice for TV broadcasters including Channel 4, France’s TF1, Norway’s TV 2, Chile’s C13, The Voice producer Talpa, BBC Worldwide and Chime Sports Marketing. Monterosa and Channel 4 won the Best Broadcaster Technology award at the Sports Technology Awards for LViS-powered Horse Tracker in 2015.

BBC Worldwide & Monterosa to create official Dancing With The Stars companion app


BBC Worldwide & Monterosa to create official Dancing With The Stars companion app

Monterosa BBC Worldwide & Dancing With The Stars App
Monterosa BBC Worldwide & Dancing With The Stars App

BBC Worldwide has partnered with Monterosa to produce a companion app for global format Dancing With The Stars. The iOS and Android app allows fans to participate by rating the dance performances, playing games and accumulating loyalty points for the chance to win tickets to watch the show live. The app will be offered to BBCW’s broadcast partners as a ready-made product to accompany the TV show.

This is the first official companion app for the Dancing with the Stars franchise offering broadcasters a ready-made product to accompany the format. Responding to a growing trend for multi-screen viewing and increased time spent on mobile devices, the app offers broadcasters an opportunity to enhance the value of their advertising and sponsorship opportunity by including mobile second screen advertising, competitions and other branded experiences in ad breaks.

In developing this new app we’ve sought to add to fans enjoyment of Dancing with the Stars by giving them an opportunity to take part in the show as it happens. With the online and television worlds getting closer it’s a powerful combination, fans scores will appear on-air and through the app they can gain access to exclusive backstage content to take their Dancing with the Stars viewing to the next level.
— Harriet Frost, Brand Manager for Dancing with the Stars

The app is built on the Monterosa LViS platform. In 2015, LViS won both the Mediatel Connected Consumer and Broadcast Digital 'Platform Innovation' awards.



Monterosa partners with IBC to launch the event's first 48hr Hackfest with €5000 prize


Monterosa partners with IBC to launch the event's first 48hr Hackfest with €5000 prize

Monterosa IBC hackfest

Monterosa IBC hackfest

Supporting a small army of coders and technologists at IBC's first Hackfest, Monterosa partnered with the organisers to provide exclusive access to our LViS platform. LViS powers many of the world's biggest interactive TV shows, sporting events, and advertising activations by providing developers with rich APIs for live second screen interactivity and sports data, feeding TV & stadium screen graphics with live audience data. LViS has served over 500 million gameplays and votes since 2013.



The hack was located in one of the largest spaces, Hall 5. Monterosa will presenting a challenge to the teams on Friday 11th and help to judge the results on Sunday with a total of €5000 plus other special prizes available for winning ideas.

LViS provides interactive Elements which form the backbone of real-time mobile experiences including voting, ratings, predictions, play-along games and sports data. For a developer, it reduces the need to build back-end infrastructure, it handles massive spikes of traffic and provides a ready-made content control interface for producers. Find out more about how it works and what it's being used to power.

“There's no better event for broadcasting than IBC, and we're thrilled to be supporting the Hackfest this year. LViS is the only real-time interactivity platform with genuinely ready-to-use APIs and control systems, we're excited to see content ideas, audience participation, games and mash-ups. ”.

Igor Loboda, CTO, Monterosa



In 2015, LViS won both the Mediatel and Broadcast Digital 'Platform Innovation' awards, in addition to the Sports Technology award for best broadcaster technology. Last year, Monterosa's Horse Tracker was one of four finalists in the IBC Innovation award.


Monterosa’s LViS takes home Best Platform Innovation award at Broadcast Digitals

Monterosa’s LViS takes home Best Platform Innovation award at Broadcast Digitals

Best Platform Innovation

Best Platform Innovation

We're over the moon that LViS managed to fight off some seriously stiff competition to win the award for Best Platform Innovation. LViS is a real-time multiscreen platform for live interaction, currently being used by some of the biggest names in production and advertising.

“Our judges were unanimous: the company had achieved its aims and taken the pain out of creating multiplatform extensions”

“This platform has evolved to fit the needs of broadcasters very well.” said one judge.

“offers a practical out-of-the-box solution for broadcasters.” said another.

Find out more about how LViS can make your TV show, live sports event or digital sponsorship even better.

Chile's Canal 13 launches Copa America app powered by LViS offering live voting in all matches

Chile's Canal 13 launches Copa America app powered by LViS offering live voting in all matches


Monterosa's partner in Chile, FunXperience, developed the Copa America app using LViS, which provides a cloud infrastructure robust enough to handle the massive concurrent capacity demanded by major live TV events. The app offers football fans a richer viewing experience and a deeper level of engagement by allowing them to vote for their man-of-the-match during games, play quizzes, and access polls and predictions.

The app, available in both iOS and Android versions, is sponsored by America Movil's Claro, the headline TV sponsor for Copa America 2015.

"FunXperience and Canal 13 have already proved beyond doubt with the Vertigo app — which generated more than 1,100,000 votes and was largely responsible for the show becoming Chile's No 1 Twitter trend for two weeks running — that they have the skill and vision to make a No 1 TV-related app using the LViS platform in very little time," said Simon Brickle, Monterosa's chief operating officer. "The Copa America app will build on that success to provide Chile's football fans with a whole new level of engagement with the beautiful game."

"We have found in LViS and Monterosa the perfect partners. After the success of the Vertigo second-screen experience that was built in under four weeks, we are taking this new step by taking second screen into sports," added Edgardo Bastias, executive director of FunXperience."

Monterosa's LViS platform powers new Social TV format for young audiences inspired by Buzzfeed quizzes

Monterosa's LViS platform powers new Social TV format for young audiences inspired by Buzzfeed quizzes

LViS powers second screen social TV

LViS powers second screen social TV

Tu Te Prend Pour Qui? (Who do you think you are?) is a new Social TV format piloting on France 4 this week. Four celebrity guests use iPads to play a Buzzfeed-inspired personality test made with Monterosa's LViS Studio platform. Question-by-question, the celebrities reveal their true selves while the audience at home play along with the exact same questions.

The brain-child of France TV's Social TV specialists Benjamin Thereaux and Michael Baeyens, Tu Te Prend Pour Qui? aims at a younger audience and is part of France TV's TVLab initiative which funds a range of innovative pilots every year.

How it works

The production team use the LVIS Foundation App to create a synched play-along game that works both in studio and at home. Extending LViS with its data APIs, they injected each player's answer choices into a special shot that shows all four celebrities and their chosen quiz answer. LViS even triggered sounds used in the show.

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

LViS Social TV Play-along

Check out the behind-the-scenes video:

Monterosa's LViS platform scoops Best Connected Technology Breakthrough award at the MediaTel Connies

Monterosa's LViS platform scoops Best Connected Technology Breakthrough award at the MediaTel Connies



We're thrilled that LViS has picked up the MediaTelBest Connected Technology Breakthrough award. LViS is Monterosa's groundbreaking real-time multiscreen platform that makes it easy to create and deploy live interaction with TV and digital signage.

"The breadth of applications of the LViS platform was particularly impressive; as was the list of top tier clients that Monterosa have been able to sign"

The judges were impressed with the global traction achieved in a short space of time, and that LViS created "new forms of saleable media".

Developers or product managers can sign up for access at and content producers or rights holders can see what's possible with LViS here


Monterosa and LViS expand into Latin America with FunXperience partnership and C13 deal in Chile

Monterosa has expanded into Latin America through a new tie-up with Santiago-based digital entertainment specialist FunXperience, and a first deal with Chile’s Channel 13.

The LViS platform has been licenced to C13 to power live interactivity, voting and advertiser experiences for all shows, making its debut within hit show Vertigo, a long running local primetime celebrity chat format with a long history of SMS-based interactivity.

FunXperience have launched iOS and Android companion apps, powered by LViS, which both hit #1 in the App Store and Google Play respectively. Voting numbers were exceptional with 215,000 votes and #1 Twitter trend two weeks running.

The vote allows audiences to answer online polls, eliminate guests, and determinate the credibility of the answer of guests, watching the results of their voting in the app and in the first screen.

LViS provides the robust cloud infrastructure handling massive concurrent capacity needed by popular TV, along with workflow for content producers, APIs for developers, synched advertising for sponsors and rich data capture with analytics.

Simon Brickle, COO, Monterosa said: “Our experience of working with FunXperience and C13 has been very positive - they have taken advantage of our LViS App Library and developer SDK to make a popular broadcast app in very little time.”

Edgardo Bastías, Executive Director of Funxperience said: “We are happy to work with Monterosa and the LViS platform in changing the way TV is made in Chile, introducing new digital solutions to the entertainment industry”.

Channel 4 Horse Tracker wins Best Technology by a Broadcaster award at the Sport Tech awards in London

Million Pound Drop play-along game

Channel 4 Horse Tracker, the real-time sports tracking app created by Monterosa and powered by just won "Best Technology by a Broadcaster" at the Sports Technology Awards in London.

Now ready for its third Grand National, Horse Tracker uses real-time Turftrax tracking data and with sync powered by watermarking from Kantar Media (previously Civolution), the iOS and HTML5 app presents live maps, speed and other horse data to mainstream fans of The Grand National. It includes live odds integration and mobile advertising for sponsors.

Check out the case study here

The Million Pound Drop mobile app smashes through the three million downloads barrier.

One of Endemol’s biggest global formats, The Million Pound Drop is enduringly popular on the second screen, and the iOS and Android app has gathered a huge following since its release in 2012.

Fans continue to play along with the show in their droves, and an impressive 10% of users have also paid for the “Play Anytime” premium version of the game, plus a range of themed question packs - in the mobile and social gaming world, 2% is regarded as an excellent conversion rate.


These impressive figures are testament to the value of a great TV format whose second screen game, for thousands of fans, is inextricably linked with its continuing ability to entertain.

France Télévisions use LViS Sports Companion app to activate GDF Suez sponsorship of French Open

Sunday 25th May is the first day of Rolland Garros, a.k.a. the French Open and France Télévisions have licenced and customised our shiny new, real-time LViS Sports Predictor HTML5 app, to activate fans of both the live stream and the TV broadcast.

Click here to check out the game and live stream (you must be in France to see the live stream)

With demand for sports sponsorship growing, and with increasing emphasis on performance marketing, media owners are under increasing pressure to deliver "active" sponsorships for brands.

The "Tennis Ace" companion is an extension of Energy company GDF Suez's sponsorship, which is embedded alongside the live stream on desktop and also opens up in mobile browsers for second screen fans. Unlockable competitions and a set of great prizes for winners, drive data capture (Canon digital camera? Yes please.)

The game lets tennis fans accumulate points as they predict outcomes of each game and match, with multiple predictions running at once. It's about knowledge too, and the producers have a set of tricky tennis quiz questions that'll be sent out at opportune moments when there are lulls in the action.

Fans can even save their scores between games, driving registration to the France Televisions site.

For Monterosa this is especially exciting because it's the first app to be licenced from the new LViS Store. The same Sports Presictor app with be re-versioned for the Tour de France in July and is now available to right-holders globally.

Our very nice customer Olivier Lendress, Director of Sport at France Télévisions Digital kindly supplied a quote, and in English (thanks!) it is:

"We've worked with Monterosa to create a great way to engage tennis fans during the live event. Using the LViS platform has helped us deliver the product rapidly and at scale. Our Social TV producers will be dedicated to driving content including predictions, trivia questions and other social media content for audiences and we're very excited to see the effect it will have with fans who watch the live stream and on TV."

The Sports Predictor game from the LViS Store includes these features

  • Point-scoring predictions. The sooner you choose, the more you win
  • Multiple, concurrent predictions
  • Multiple-choice trivia questions with or without pictures
  • Push interesting facts, stats and trivia
  • Achievements that unlock competition entry
  • Leaderboards
  • Search, moderate and push curated Tweets
  • Create and manage competitions with secure data capture
  • Personal profile and settings
  • Optional integration with Janrain or Gigya identity management


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