Love Island 2019: the biggest summer yet of interactive love

July 2019

As the number of people who say “nah it’s not my kind of thing” has diminished, Love Island’s popularity has increased. With ITV2’s ratings breaking records at over 6 million, 2019 was the year Love Island officially crossed over.

Yet again our app was regularly the most downloaded app in the UK, as fans vote on their favourite, or least favourite couples and reach for a way to carry their summer obsession around in their pocket.

Img (1).png

Under the hood, our Interaction platform LViS provides the content team on set with a unique way to create, test and publish two-way interactive content in real-time. The LViS cloud infrastructure is a special mesh that gives the app immense scalability, the kind that copes with millions of people interacting all at the same time. Reliability is the boring side of mainstream entertainment, but when it matters it really matters.

The Monterosa ecommerce machine scaled in a different way this year. We created the pioneering Watch & Shop service to make TV shows shoppable. As a result we have shown the world how to combine entertainment and direct-to-consumer impulse purchasing, in the process kicking off one of the biggest product crazes of the last three years: the famous personalised Love Island water bottle - more than half a million units sold.


This year we expanded our range to include personalised suitcases and a fantastic new makeup range Loveburst, made by Established - the New York beauty design outfit that designed Fenty Beauty and Marc Jacobs. Vogue, Glamour and almost every influencer that tried it has been blown away by the quality - achieved because we invested in very high quality Italian formulas.