The Monterosa Liverpool hub, one year on

Monterosa is on a steep growth curve as we expand our footprint around the world, providing audience interaction technology to some of the biggest names in entertainment and sport. This year alone we’ve generated 12 billion interactions through our platform and experiences.

With our Minsk office fillling up quickly and the usual challenges with London recruitment, in 2018 we proudly opened our new engineering hub in Liverpool.

A year on and the growing team has been a pivotal part of delivering interactive products for TV shows and sporting events including This Morning, X Factor, Jockey Club, Nickelodeon USA and, of course, Love Island. No other company in the region, or probably the UK can claim to have created so many No. 1 apps; I think we’ve clocked up 12!


The most topical right now is of course Love Island. Every time a fan votes on the show or buys one of our personalised Love Island water bottles, that experience was primarily made by our fantastic team in Liverpool. 

“Why Liverpool and not Manchester?” - it’s a question I’m asked almost every week, I’ll do my best to answer.

We chose to expand in Liverpool for several reasons. The city has an amazing history in gaming and invention, choosing to do things differently and often doing things better. Console gaming as we know it was pioneered in Merseyside with companies like Psygnosis, later becoming part of Sony (and where I did my first work experience games testing Lemmings!), proving that you don’t have to be in London or Silicon Valley to be a leading global force in tech and gaming. 

Alongside music, sport is in the DNA of the area, with three amazing football teams (yes Tranmere, you too), and some of the most exciting athletes in recent times coming from Merseyside - Katerina Johnson-Thompson, Sam Quek, Trent name just a few.

Through regeneration the city has become one of the UK’s best places to live, with everything London can offer plus a heavy dose of unique Liverpool culture. In tech it’s a challenger city to both Manchester and Leeds, yet the pioneering, individual spirit is unmatched. We decided we would prefer to be a bigger part of a smaller movement than blend into the background. 

There is an immense pool of Merseyside talent working in the city or currently commuting to Manchester or Salford. Nobody enjoys the motorway traffic, so we offer local talent a far more convenient location right on the river, next to the famous Cunard building in the shiny new development on Mann Island. And for those like me who moved to London in search of a career in tech and entertainment, there’s now a place back home that delivers world class technology to all corners of the world. We’re looking forward to welcoming people back to Merseyside, where for £400k you can get a magnificent house, rather than a small flat in the outskirts of London.

But truthfully the foundation of our Liverpool office is that it’s home to me. I was born within spitting distance from our office and grew up in Birkenhead. After so many years working in London, up and down every few weeks, to open our office here is an ambition fulfilled and I’m proud that Monterosa can contribute a small part to the city’s future in tech, entertainment and sport.

Tom McDonnell / Co-founder, CEO Monterosa