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What if you could play an interactive basketball game with your TV as a backboard, or Spongebob Squarepants lived in the alternate reality between the animated series and your phone screen?

Nickelodeon has just launched SCREENS UP, a unique mix of eye-popping Augmented Reality (AR) synced with TV moments and fun features like mini-games, AR stickers, and more.

It’s a free companion app that immerses Nickelodeon fans in its IP through AR delivered to mobile devices, now available in the App Store and via Google Play.

The app made its debut as a robust synced second-screen experience during the 2018 Kids’ Choice Sports Awards on Friday, July 20. This trailer explains how it works.

Viewers can play games, take polls, and vote on what happens in the show. After Kids’ Choice Sports, SCREENS UP will expand into an “engagement hub,” offering not only augmented experiences synced to TV moments, but also a place for other AR-fuelled Experiences.


SCREENS UP stems from a cross-continent collaboration between Nickelodeon and four agencies/tech partners located in three countries: Monterosa, The Mill, eyecandylab and We Are Royale. To our knowledge, this comprehensive app-driven TV + mobile experience is among the first in the U.S. designed for kids and families. It represents a commitment to AR technology by Nickelodeon, and continued innovation in engaging the audience and expanding IP.

Tom McDonnell, CEO, Monterosa: “As part of our continued work with Nickelodeon we worked together to craft a vision for the future of live engagement, where regular play-along interaction would be blended with a new breed of AR that synchronises with events on TV, and with the real world. The app provides activity both in and outside of live broadcasts, with games, stickers and special surprises for viewers. Built on the Monterosa Fan Companion app framework and powered by the Monterosa LViS interaction platform. We look forward to the “The Best of Both Worlds” experience for kids.