What is an Audience Interaction Platform?

Tom McDonnell
Co-founder CEO

An Audience Interaction Platform (AIP) is cloud hosted software that provides interactive capabilities to organisations that want to engage and monetise large audiences with compelling interaction. The emergence of AIPs is the result of consolidation of software tools and vendor services into one-stop-shop solutions provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. The typical components are combined into one hub, servicing content creators, product managers, revenue-generation and data strategies.

  • Real-time Interactive Content Creation & Management
  • Audience Data storage and analytics
  • Ready-made front-end tools and applications providing voting, live quiz and play-along, interactive video or other variants
  • Output of visual results into big screens, out of home or TV graphics
  • Highly scalable infrastructure able to cope with demands of live events
  • SDKs for extensibility
  • Integration into existing tech such as ad serving or Online Video Platforms (OVPs) & Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

Why do organisations adopt Audience Interaction Platforms?

With the rapid evolution of technology and user behaviour, expectations around how we consume content have shifted dramatically over the last decade. Increasingly, users expect much more than just one-way content. They have become used to participating, interacting and connecting with both the content itself and fellow consumers. Social platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Instagram have accelerated this trend.

Owners of entertainment and sports properties are therefore challenged with developing and delivering a constant flow of new ideas, product updates, apps, website and social activations which service the need to keep people interested and engaged through their devices.

Known as “fan engagement” in sport, and “audience participation” in the world of TV, the breadth of mechanics available is vast and ever-changing. From forms of gaming, contests/competitions, interactive video and voting to newer techniques that use AR to bring stadium screens alive and many other ideas between.

Increasingly, this is not an optional activity. In progressive organisations, fan engagement is now part of a customer journey that drives attention and converts to specific measurable goals including purchases, subscriptions, or sponsorship activation.

As the importance of these activities has grown, so has the demand on in-house technology and product teams, and the industries that serve them. As a result of the proliferation of ideas and therefore tools, companies increasingly look to consolidate technology into a smaller number of tools to service ongoing needs, rather than buying in discreet solutions from many different vendors.

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ is the leading Audience Interaction Platform powering the world's biggest entertainment and sport properties.