“Three Live” - how the UK mobile network is using Monterosa to power customer engagement and live commerce

Peter Cassidy
Head of Global Entertainment

With ecommerce up and physical footfall down, businesses are transforming the way they convert passive website visitors into active, engaged customers. One of the UK’s biggest mobile networks, Three, has recently launched a new, daily interactive livestream called Three Live - powered by Monterosa and Brightcove - to help power its Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) channel. 

Hosted by talent selected from the best in-store experts and broadcast four times daily, the service gives viewers an engaging way to learn more about Three’s products and services, ask questions directly to the host as well as take part in fun interactivity including topical  polls and quiz questions. Visitors to the Three website are alerted by a Monterosa Touchbug™️ in the lower corner of the site when the show is live:  tapped, the experience opens up in situ without taking traffic away. 

By putting human presence back into the online journey, and by allowing viewers to interact directly with them, Three have created a new channel to provide advice and support, demo new products and promote their latest offers.

Following the boom in live interactive “shoppable” video streaming in Asia as a means of converting viewers into customers, Live Commerce is a trend set to take hold across retail sectors and all digital touchpoints

Check out Three Live here: http://www.three.co.uk/three-live

The Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is the Real-Time Engagement Platform that allows Live Commerce to be easily dropped into your digital products, at scale and across multiple languages; offering new and exciting opportunities for D2C brands to acquire and convert visitors into customers.