Monterosa's LViS platform and our creative solutions power live fan interaction for sporting events globally. We give fans real-time experiences that work alongside TV or in venue, that increase engagement, driving excitement and commercial value around live events. 


1. Live Reactions on TV


With TV 2 Norway, we use a "Cowbell" interaction, Handball fans reacted live and the results featured regularly in TV graphics and commentary coverage. The Tap'o'meter one of many features in the LViS HTML5 Foundation App.

Others include:


2. Live Prediction Games


With TV 2 Norway, we regularly deploy predictions and polls around cycling, feeding into the TV broadcast graphics as part of sponsor Uno's digital activation.


With France TV we made a prediction game to run alongside the Tour de France, an activation of Skoda's sponsorship. Points accumulate to unlock fantastic prizes. All of the features of this game are included in HTML5 Foundation. 



3. Live mobile and #Hashtag voting


LViS supports voting via HTML5 Foundation app, via custom experiences or via Twitter and Facebook #Hashtags. Special vote 'Certification' tools help to audit and identify any suspicious activity. 

The top image shows a simple vote/prediction driving live coverage. With UEFA and Carlsberg we provided the official Man of The Match and Goal of The Tournament voting experiences. The case study is available here. 



4. Live Quizzes and Personality Tests


LViS HTML5 Foundation supports a variety of quiz gaming and personality test formats, point scoring and leaderboards that are tough enough to meet the highest demands. Results are all available to TV graphics, and competition forms can be built in easily. 



5. Live Fantasy Gaming


Our Fantasy 247 product is a new breed of live fantasy card gaming that engages fans during the weeks then live during coverage of events. You can read the World Rugby case study here. 



6. Live Interactive Commentary Feeds


LViS HTML5 Foundation provides a convenient timeline mode that allows producers to publish commentary, social media, images and interactive elements into a continuous scrolling view.

Above, Sweden's public broadcaster SVT use LViS to power voting and predictions within the live commentary feed, a core part of their sports coverage:

In the example to the right, TF1 provided the companion service for UEFA EURO 2016. 



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