Gameshow Live! combines our massively scalable interaction platform and low latency streaming to give you a rock solid solution for creating your own live interactive shows. 



Monterosa is the leading interactivity provider for global gameshow formats including Million Pound Drop, Tout Le Monde Joue, Cue The Music, All Against One and many others.

We have over a decade of experience in mainstream TV, and our proven real-time technology platform LViS, we can help you create the next interactive gameshow hit. 


Produce green-screen content and stream live to our endpoint using Wirecast, OBS or hardware encoders


Take complete control of scheduling, questions, leaderboards and app appearance using LViS Studio


Let your audience respond to trivia questions, polls and predictions while watching your live streaming gameshow



Keep audiences engaged with a range of question formats


Create entertainment, sports, kids and other variations for your audiences




  • iOS, Android and Web apps
  • Low-latency live streaming 
  • Trivia, Polls, Predictions supported
  • Live Leaderboards
  • Play against Facebook Friends
  • Custom point scoring and game mechanics make your show unique
  • Authentication via phone number & SMS, email or social sign-in
  • Push notification system alerts users to new games
  • Global live support 



How it works

  • Live video can be shot and encoded using any software solution (e.g. Wirecast)
  • Video is ingested and distributed using our ultra-fast network
  • Live questions and timers are synchronised tightly to the stream
  • LViS Studio provides an easy-to-use control centre for producers to prepare, rehearse, schedule and go live. Questions and push notifications are triggered live during every show
  • User authentication takes place via SMS, once per device
  • Personal data including scores is stored securely in LViS iD 

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