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Let your audience have their say and make voting a goldmine of attention, data and commerce, powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

“Monterosa has given us the ability to reach our audience in a new way. They’ve been instrumental in our growth, making sure our offering can keep up with social media… we’re able to iterate together on products and control everything ourselves from the platform. We would highly recommend both Monterosa and the platform.”

Michelle Cauchi
Senior Director, Creative Promotions – Interactive Production

"The Love Island App was one of the most successful apps ITV has ever launched. By engaging young audiences with a natural, fun, energetic app, Monterosa helped keep the show front of mind throughout the series, over-delivering on all key audience, commercial and sponsor objectives."

Lauren Hogan
Product Lead
Digital Products ITV News & Shows

“Monterosa has helped EA Sports truly take our Premier League Player of the Month sponsorship to the next level. The results have been superb, transforming the voting experience for our players, whilst EA Sports FIFA has become an integral part of the real-world football conversation."

James Taylor
Football Partnerships Lead, Northern Europe
EA Sports

Become more than a TV show

In today’s world, the most successful shows aren’t shows at all – they’re entertainment and eCommerce brands, which live in the minds of their audience 24/7

Find out why ITV Shows are powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™
Determine the outcome
Let then have their say
Drive sign up & 3rd party data
Shopping destination
Determine the outcome
Let them have their say
Drive sign up & 3rd party data
Shopping destination
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

From task to an experience

Make your voting event into a rich rewarding and shareable experience

Find out why Nickelodeon Voting is powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™
Integrate video
Extend engagement time
Increase reach with sharing
Data capture
Integrate video
Extend engagement time
Increase reach with sharing
Data capture
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

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Let your audience have their say

In today’s world the most successful shows aren’t shows at all, they’re omnipotent entertainment and eCommerce brands.

Award Shows
Award Shows
Player of the Match
Best Moments
Choose the ending
What happens next?
Pick the product flavour
Vote for the name
Choose the look
Vote for best designer
Pick the setlist
Vote for an encore

Voting and Polling formats for every occasion

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ supports a vast range of voting and polling formats, each highly configurable in real-time

Single vote

Vote for an item in a multiple choice selection format

Multi option vote

Select an option from a horizontal scrolling carousel of options and vote multiple times.

Category vote

Cycle through multiple voting categories driving maximum engagement

Auto-progress vote

Allow the user to go from one category of vote to the next automatically

Images & videos

Show your audience what they’re voting on with embedded images and videos

Memes & sharing

Allow users to share their choice of vote and create a personalised meme to share

Maximise the value of voting

Our voting solutions drive every vote to whichever valuable action fits your objectives:

  • Customer Acquisition > Lead Generation Forms
  • Marketing Opt-in > Competitions & Sweepstakes
  • Social Reach > Social Sharing
  • Direct Sales > Featured Products & Merchandise
  • Ads/Sponsorship > Branding & interstitials

Mitigate risks

If the results count, then you’ll want to make sure you know about manipulation attempts. While no technique is fully fool-proof, there are range of well-established security mitigation capabilities that help reduce the risks and keep you in control.

  • Email & SMS Registration
  • SSO Integration / Login
  • IP-level suspicious vote detection


Driving engagement with voting

When done right, voting is among the most effective ways to drive engagement. Take a look at our playbook articles and learn more:

Boosting fan engagement metrics with real-time voting events

Key Advantages

Massive scale

Proven to reliably power billions of votes, used by Viacom, CBS, ITV, EA Sports and more

Great user experience

Turn voting from a task into a rich experience that keeps your users with you longer

Variety of voting formats

Choose from a rich variety of voting formats for every use case

Self-service environment

Interaction Cloud gives you a control Studio with dynamic configuration

Multi-timezone support

If you need to run votes across multiple timezones, look no further


Custom voting sources can be included on request

Key Features

Supported Platforms

Facebook Messenger
Custom Vote Sources

Voting Formats

Single Vote
Multiple Option Vote
‍Category Vot
Auto-progress Vote

Visual Voting Features

Vote & Meme Sharing
Sports Data Exploration
Video & Image Voting

Security Options

CAPTCHA by Google
SMS by Twilio Authy
Login to your SSO
Registration & Login to Monterosa / ID
IP monitoring and vote exclusion


Secure CSV Export

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