Why just watch when you can play?
Speed & scale as standard
Premium experiences with flexible UX
Points & leaderboards
Drive value with ads, sign-ups and eCom
Create the ultimate appointment-to-play experience powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

“Monterosa has given us the ability to reach our audience in a new way. They’ve been instrumental in our growth, making sure our offering can keep up with social media… we’re able to iterate together on products and control everything ourselves from the platform. We would highly recommend both Monterosa and the platform.”

Michelle Cauchi
Senior Director, Creative Promotions – Interactive Production

“Monterosa has helped EA Sports truly take our Premier League Player of the Month sponsorship to the next level. The results have been superb, transforming the voting experience for our players, whilst EA Sports FIFA has become an integral part of the real-world football conversation."

James Taylor
Football Partnerships Lead, Northern Europe
EA Sports

”We’re extremely happy with how the Football Fever campaign has performed, interacting with millions of Qatari football fans, creating real moments of genuine engagement and boosting our brand positioning with a national audience.With Monterosa’s platform we were able to rapidly launch some amazing digital experiences that our customers loved, helping us to own the football conversation for the duration of the World Cup.”

Nick Gorgoglione
Head of Brand & Communications

Get your audience involved

The most electrifying events are those where we all feel part of the action

Play along in real-time
Drive sign-ups
 Extend sponsorships
Feed results into main screen
Play along in real-time
Drive sign-ups
 Extend sponsorships
Feed results into main screen
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

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Deepen the connection with your audience

Play-Along turns a passive audience into an active one, deepening their connection with your show, whilst providing you with a new way to drive awareness and tune-in

Turn a gameshow into a mass-participation event

Add audience interaction to a pre-recorded gameshow to make an appointment-to-play event, where viewers compete for top place on the leaderboard and shout-outs on the TV

Drive sign-ups, activate sponsorships and sell merchandise

Since a Play-Along audience is a captive one, this generates value for the media owner through their own commercialisation of data and eCom, whilst also providing more attractive sponsor opportunities

Key Advantages

Massive scale

Push gameplay out to millions of users in an instant using our industry-proven platform

Premium experiences

Deliver a design and experience that lives up to the value of your brand


Web or native apps, second screen or single screen integrated with streaming video

Self-service environment

Give your content teams a real-time self-service environment


Take custom or off-the-shelf front-end components or build your own using our APIs

Easy integration

Connect into your existing tech stack including SSO, broadcast graphics and ad serving

Key Features


Native iOS & Android


Free text entry
Pick a number
Picture based


Broadcast Graphics
Video Players


Ad Formats: Interstitials, MPUs, Banners, Video Ads
Sponsorship: Headers, Banners, Featured Products
Data Capture: Competition Entry, Lead Generation Forms
Affiliate Links

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