Live Commerce

Add a human back into the online journey with an interactive livestream
Boost your revenue
Convert in real-time
Extend Engagement
Generate value from live streaming content, increase engagement and drive new revenue with Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

"Using Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ to power our Three Live service gave us the flexibility, reliability and scale we needed to deliver a premium direct-to-consumer channel. It engages, entertains and supports customers with their purchase decisions with Three, as well as directing them towards the best next step in their customer journey."

Emma Siveyer
Digital Products Lead
Three UK

Turn real-time engagement into sales

Adding interactive polls, quizzes, and shoppable items to your live streaming

Find out why Three is powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™
Draw attention to your live event
Engage Directly
Extend Engagement
Inform buying decisions
Draw attention to your live event
Engage Directly
Extend Engagement
Inform buying decisions
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

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Easily integrated into your website or app

The Monterosa Touchbug™️ and livestream experience can be easily dropped into your website or app and activated in the build up to and during the live event

Engage and inform your visitors

Use Q&A, text and image elements to answer product questions and give users all the information they need to make good buying decisions

Add polls and quizzes for additional engagement

Enhance engagement further using product-related polls and quizzes that make the audience feel heard and give you a better picture of their preferences

Real-time conversions

Boost marketing data collection and sales in real-time by pushing to newsletter sign-up, registration or straight to purchase

Key Advantages

Easy Integration

Embedded into your website/app & integrated with your video player

Scale & Reliability

Support millions of users interacting concurrently 24/7


Everything is positioned in real-time with dynamic orientation

Slick user experience

Interactive user experience that drives conversions


Built and managed by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud ™


Entire experience can be easily managed using Studio

Key Features


In-app (via webview)

Interactive Elements

Text & Image
Polls, trivia, quizzes
Shoppable product elements

Positioning & Layout

“Over” & “Out” modes – Over uses video overlays on-top of video, out mode adds interactivity below, above, beside or anywhere on your page
Responsive layout for desktop and mobile
Dynamic positioning on screen for ‘Over’ mode

Video player support

HTML Player
JW Player
ANT Media input
Amazon IVS input


Complete UI customisations options out of the box including the ability to go further and override the CSS within the platform

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