Build community, loyalty and conversion
with competitive behaviours.

Power Ups
Badges, Awards & Achievements
Points Scoring
Private Leagues
Unlockables & VIP Codes

Captivate your audience

Layering Gamification into your digital products can generate loyalty by offering a sense of achievement, progress and gratification. 

Using gamification techniques you can incentivise your audience to come back more often, spend more time, and ultimately convert to signed-up or paying customers. 

Everyone loves a challenge, and everyone loves a reward

Our gamification services help you keep your audience coming back for more

Find out how Nickelodeon power their TV event gamification strategy with Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™
Determine the outcome
Let them have their say
Drive sign up & 3rd party data
Shopping destination
Determine the outcome
Let them have their say
Drive sign up & 3rd party data
Shopping destination
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

Why Gamify?

Incentivise engagement

Encourage your fans to interact, with a range of rich, sticky tools


Once you've engaged your audience, gamification will keep them there, as they strive to compete and win prizes

Generate new sponsorship opportunities

Open up a world of innovative gamified commercial streams

Brand value

Make your digital products fun! Be the place you fans want to be and drive positive brand value

Here’s how it works

Add Games to your existing products
Predictions, Trivia, Raters & more…
Reward your audience for interacting
Points, Badges, NFTs, Discounts & more…
Fans want to come back, receiving value in exchange for interacting
Again and again and again…

Key Features

Secure Points Scoring

Competition is at the heart of every sport and fans are no different. Ramp up the competition with a solution that delivers a granular level of response capture, to ensure a vital score differentiation.

  • SecureScore - all managed in the back end for ultimate security
  • Users can win a time bonus the faster they respond
  • Millisecond accuracy for ultimate flexibility in scoring

Nickelodeon transformed their product roadmap with interactive experiences powered by Monterosa. Find out more


Users have a choice to sign-in and store their progress across multiple devices, or to operate anonymously until they choose to sign-in.

  • Let your fans track their performance with leaderboards to work in any context.
  • Measure who performed best per event or across multiple
  • Implement group leaderboards to capture performance during a specific stage of a tournament
  • Create custom leaderboards built on any set of results, including from a specific round or league, aggregate scores and many more!
  • Deliver live updates at scale

Liverpool FC put Monterosa Event Centre at the heart of their fan engagement strategy. Find out more

Power Ups

Points are issued by the backend, ensuring that hackers can’t simply issue themselves with points. Identity can be provided by Monterosa / Identity, or by your SSO via our identity gateway.

Incentivise fans to interact repeatedly and in the way that you want. Our flexible solution means the possibilities are limitless, allowing you to engage your fans with any element you choose, giving any reward.

  • Choose any trigger (e.g. play 5 games, invite 3 friends)
  • Choose the reward the Power Up represents, i.e. gain double points, correct a wrong answer and more!

Private Leagues & Clans

Our Private Leagues enable users to create their own group of players and track their performance on a leaderboard only visible to those in that league. Clans allows users to work together towards a shared goal or compete against other clans, driving an even deeper level of connection and engagement.

Unlockables & VIP Codes

Give users special codes which they can apply to become premium users. VIP codes will unlock exclusive competition or contest entries.

Make Fast Track Experiences even more rewarding

Our Fast Track Experiences are making it easier than ever to implement fan engagement at high speed.Why not add a layer of gamification to drive next level loyalty from your audience?

Gain a deeper understanding of your audience

Use Gamify to capture first-party data, through Sign Up, interaction tracking and direct data capture via forms so you can inform future activity based on the performance of each Experience.

Our Data Lakehouse will integrate seamlessly into your existing CDP, CRM or marketing platform.

Why Monterosa?

Massive scale

Stream and interact with massive concurrent audiences


Integrate with your existing systems with APIs and SDKs

Integrate with SSO

Use your existing identity management, SSO or CIAM

Self-service environment

Give your content teams a real-time self-service environment

Integrate with your apps and sites

Power gamification features inside your existing environment

Secure scoring

Mitigate hacking risks with backend signed points issuing