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Make your digital properties sticky with Gamification powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

“Monterosa’s platform has played a massive part in our digital transformation strategy. Keeping fans engaged across our 15 racecourses has enhanced the customer experience, and helped us take more ownership of our audience.”

Tom Manners
Group Sales and Marketing Director
The Jockey Club

“Monterosa has given us the ability to reach our audience in a new way. They’ve been instrumental in our growth, making sure our offering can keep up with social media… we’re able to iterate together on products and control everything ourselves from the platform. We would highly recommend both Monterosa and the platform.”

Michelle Cauchi
Senior Director, Creative Promotions – Interactive Production

"Our goal was to make Goodwood's Speedweek the most interactive motorsports event ever - and thanks to Monterosa it was exactly that. Their platform allowed us to deliver a rich user experience that kept our audience engaged as well as opening up new activations for our partners. The experience also gave us a new way to encourage customers to share their data - something we look forward to building on for the future."

Tracey Greaves
Chief Commercial Officer

“As a broadcaster investing in the future of Entertainment, Monterosa has been an amazing partner for us on this journey. They have been fundamental to the success of Quipp - the team have been great to work with, and the platform is incredibly powerful...we look forward to growing both our audience and the functionality available to them.”

David An
Vice President Products Mobile Entertainment
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

“Monterosa has helped EA Sports truly take our Premier League Player of the Month sponsorship to the next level. The results have been superb, transforming the voting experience for our players, whilst EA Sports FIFA has become an integral part of the real-world football conversation."

James Taylor
Football Partnerships Lead, Northern Europe
EA Sports

Everyone loves a challenge, and everyone loves a reward

Our gamification services help you keep your audience coming back for more

Find out how Nickelodeon power their TV event gamification strategy with Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™
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Determine the outcome
Let them have their say
Drive sign up & 3rd party data
Shopping destination
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

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How it works

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ powers gamification features within solutions including TV Apps, Sports Apps, Embedded Interaction, Voting and Event Centres. Using the APIs, your developers can also integrate gamification mechanics natively into your existing sites and apps.

Points, Achievements, Rewards & More

Users are issued with points for voting, playing along, and getting trivia questions correct. Every time they come back they can be awarded with additional loyalty points, which can be accumulated over time. You can even setup QR codes in your content or real-world presence and allow your audience to collect special objects

Identity & Profiles

Users have a choice to sign-in and store their progress across multiple devices, or to operate anonymously until they choose to sign-in

Security & Data Export

Points are issued by the backend, ensuring that hackers can’t simply issue themselves with points. Identity can be provided by Monterosa / Identity, or by your SSO via our identity gateway.

Key Advantages

Massive scale

Stream and interact with massive concurrent audiences


Integrate with your existing systems with APIs and SDKs

Integrate with SSO

Use your existing identity management, SSO or CIAM

Self-service environment

Give your content teams a real-time self-service environment

Integrate with your apps and sites

Power gamification features inside your existing environment

Secure scoring

Mitigate hacking risks with backend signed points issuing

Key Features

Gamification Mechanics

Reward site/app visits and interaction with points
Premium Live quiz functionality
Dynamic trivia challenge point scoring mechanics
Prediction points scoring mechanics
Event and All-Time Leaderboards
Unlock exclusive competition or contest entries
Leaderboard search by username, rank and score
User Management tools
Collect rewards or badges (native apps)
Collect items via QR codes (native apps)

User Platforms

Existing native apps
Monterosa Apps

Loyalty & Exclusive Access

Multiple Access Tiers
Unlock-able Exclusive Content

Data Export & Integration

Download CSV
Regular Automated Sync
Fetch your data via REST API

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