The Performance Data & Fan Engagement Symposium brings leading international experts from the world’s most renowned sports clubs, disciplines and associations to London. It provides two days of expert panels, live debates, presentations, and networking. The theme of the summit is how the sports industry can incorporate technology and data analytical solutions to improve performance and drive better fan engagement.

Ben Barker, Monterosa’s Director of Sport will be speaking on the following panel at 16:00 on May 31st:

Data driven sports agencies that help sports organisations build stronger relationships with their customers

How data insight is shaking up sports sponsorship and brand development.

The data-driven revolution is raising serious questions about how exactly current valuations are determined. How are we negotiating?

How do we factor in the implications of new, as yet unrecognised, disruptive technology?

How do changes in the global consumption of media affect the present market in sponsorship? How are we measuring global reach of sports brands?