New Monterosa / Interaction SDK makes it easier than ever to add Real-time Engagement to your apps and sites

Peter Cassidy
Director of Broadcast & OTT

Media and sports organisations are increasingly prioritising real-time engagement within their own apps, websites and OTT services - to engage and retain audiences before, during and after the main event. To further address this need, we are proud to announce the release of Monterosa / Interaction SDK 2.0.

The new SDK allows you to add rich interactive experiences to your existing web or native application with just a few lines of code. Beyond that, it will also provide full programmatic access to each and every feature offered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™, the platform that powers engagement for some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment including ITV, ViacomCBS, Viaplay and Liverpool FC.

If you want to add Real-time Engagement to your product, advantages include:

  • Speed: quicker time-to-market with a wealth of existing capabilities provided by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud
  • Scale: backed by a platform proven with the biggest primetime audiences 
  • Flexibility: off-the-shelf or custom experiences as required
  • Interoperability: designed to connect seamlessly with your tech stack including SSO, video player, CRM/CDP/Warehouse
  • Expertise: work with a world leader in real-time engagement for broadcast and OTT

Enriching your platform with audience engagement and interactivity gives your streaming service a way to gain competitive advantage while more effectively engaging, retaining and monetising audiences. By adding participation, prediction gaming, rewards, real-time data visualisation and curated commentary before, during and after major live events, these services aim to increase watch times as well as create more reasons for users to visit regularly.

Monterosa / Interaction SDK 2.0 will initially be available for web, iOS and Android. It will make it easier than ever for you to add real-time engagement to your OTT/streaming or companion applications. Capabilities include: 

  • Seamlessly and securely integrate existing Monterosa Experiences around live and on-demand video
  • Tap into voting, competitions and new interactive content formats such as video quizzes and interactive shoulder programming
  • More quickly create custom engagement experiences, backed by the power and flexibility of Monterosa / Interaction Cloud and its APIs
  • Weave the results of audience participation into the video content itself via broadcast graphics, making viewers feel more connected to the content

If you would like to know more about Monterosa / Interaction SDK rollout, get in touch here.

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