Making sports predictions more valuable: the all-new Score Predictor

Joe Senyah
Product Manager

Gamification and “free to play” games are getting a lot of buzz at the moment, as sports fans flock back to their favourite teams, players and tournaments. We’re thrilled to share the launch of a really exciting new feature in our Fan Hub product - Score Predictor, available within Monterosa interactive streaming solutions or as a standalone feature.

Our new Score Predictor is an interactive Element available for all sports with two teams or players and A:B style scoring. Designed to sit inside streaming or second screen environments, it makes the fan experience more engaging and sticky than ever. By asking fans to make a prediction, you're creating a deeper level of engagement resulting in increased dwell times, first-party data capture and affiliate or partner revenue streams through betting or merchandise sales.

You can try the feature out below and learn how we've integrated real-time social feedback, competition entry, point scoring and sports betting.

Powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud, is integrated into the content creation workflow and is easy to setup and manage. Creators log into Studio and setup predictions in seconds. Like all content, it can also be automated via the Control API, making it possible to scale predictions across hundreds or thousands of games automatically.

If you want to see how it works behind the scenes via Studio, get in touch.

Score Predictor - simple, real-time and rewarding

As the buzz of the game builds, fans famously weigh up the probabilities and share their score predictions with each other. Now they can do that from right within the streaming or second screen experience.

With the platform's flexibility around timing, it's easy to setup the prediction to close just before the start of the game.

Social feedback in real-time - unlike other ways to predict, with our new Predictor, you get to see what other people are predicting too. e.g. “24% of fans predicted that score”. Once they’ve made their prediction, score charts come alive and adjust in real-time.


 Place a bet on your prediction - you can also add betting odds and click-through, helping to activate partnerships and giving fans an easy way to place bets on their selections.

Enter a competition with your score prediction - there is also an inline competition entry, where fans who guess the correct score can be entered into a sweepstake.

In our early tests with partner Liverpool Football Club we’ve seen massive levels of interaction as fans explore what others think. To see the Score Predictor in action, head over to the Liverpool FC Match Centre, or check it out in the Zappn OTT app.

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And to make it all worthwhile, correct predictions can be setup to add points in a secure manner to fans' point score, appearing on the optional leaderboard.

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