Make your marketing more effective with our new Audience Profiles

Jess Meredith
Head of Insights and Data

Introducing Monterosa / Audience Profiles

Make your marketing more effective with our new Audience Profiles

First-party data is a vital element of today’s smartest commercial strategies. High-performing direct-to-consumer and sponsorship-driven business models all rely on knowing your audience and being able to present them with carefully personalised content and segmented promotions.

But harnessing attention and gathering data is challenging. Yesterday’s third party cookie techniques are becoming obsolete. One-off campaigns or event-orientated product launches only deliver one-off results.

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ helps you solve this problem. Within one platform you get your own suite of interactive Experiences set up for your unique context. You get to drive attention, loyalty and data capture within your existing owned and operated digital products, 24/7. We call this Continuous Engagement. Games, Competitions, Voting, Interactive Video, and many more use cases – each one an opportunity to know more about your users.

With Monterosa / Audience Profiles, you can now seamlessly collect behavioural, attitudinal and preference data from every interaction, and pipe it into your existing CRM, CDP or marketing platform. In real-time.

When someone engages with an Experience, you have the opportunity to ask them to sign up or provide their contact details in return for value – the chance to win, the ability to store progress or build up points, for example.

From that moment on, every interaction is a data gathering and learning opportunity.

Unlike traditional methods, consent-driven data capture within Experiences feels natural and fair. As a result, capture rates are high, and your relationship with the audience is open, consent-driven, and provides value to both parties.

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