The ultimate fan engagement and interaction platform for TV and Sports

LViS provides the infrastructure, analytics and live content management for high volume digital products that can't afford to fail: native apps, webapps, chat bots, wearables and multi-screen experiences


Setup or create HTML5, iOS, Android or Messenger apps

Choose from ready-made HTML5 experiences or develop custom app solutions in JavaScript, iOS or Android. Easily setup visual identity and other options. 

Take control in the live content studio

Setup events on an easy to use timeline for automated or manual control. Our range of LViS Elements are interactive building-blocks that every experience uses to create a unique fan experience. 

Engage socially with Facebook & Twitter Hashtag Voting

Push to your fans wherever they are, physically or through social. Web or native experiences can live in new or pre-existing apps or sites. 


Scale to millions with our high-volume mesh infrastructure

Our proprietary, intelligent mesh infrastructure uses Amazon Web Services and scales to millions of concurrent users. Deployed across multiple availability zones supporting websockets, secure websockets and HTTP connectivity and capable of handling extreme levels of concurrent connections and vote processing per second. 

Measure & Learn with analytics & segmentation

Find out which calls to action performed best and adapt your approach in real-time. Measure and learn from a single hub reporting live performance and audience data. 

Build your own apps with APIs & Feeds

Develop against the LViS platform with JavaScript SDK and coming soon native iOS and Android libraries. A range of standardised live feeds supply external devices like TV graphics with real-time voting and other audience data. 


Hero your fans with live leaderboards

Feedback & segment the results of fan interaction to TV, big screens or social with visualisations ranging from leaderboards to animated voting results. 

Convert attention to measured value

Convert attention with user registration, lead generation, eCommerce and social sharing.




LViS is a powerful combination of real-time cloud infrastructure, high volume data processing and a producer-facing live content management. 



LViS integrates with TV Graphics, Video, Identity and CMS platforms using a set of APIs and feeds