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Our Fan Companion native app product with embedded interactive elements, such as voting, rating, galleries, videos, integrated social media and “massive polls”, helped the ITV2 show to smash the record numbers set during the 2017 series.

In fact, how fans interacted with the app played a major part in what viewers saw on their screens each evening, with contestant challenges regularly involving predictions on audience polls and villa dumpings directly influenced by the public’s in-app vote. Exciting activity delivered within the app created reasons for fans to return throughout the day, participating in visually attractive experiences to extend their enjoyment outside of the show’s one hour broadcast.

Spin-off shows such as Aftersun, The Hot List and The Reunion heavily integrated the app’s interactive opportunities to connect audiences, with “The Muggys”, the show’s specific awards ceremony that took place a week after the season had finished, being polled on by 120,000 fans using the app.

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The Love Island Shop, powered by our Show Stores solution, proved a continued success, taking the user on a journey from the point of interaction to the checkout with over £4m of merchandise sales recorded within the eight weeks of the live show.

Offering an exclusive route to purchasing the now infamous personalised Love Island bottle, fans flocked to the app in their droves - a clear example of how rewarding fan interaction can be when delivered in an authentic and meaningful way.


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In addition to the official Love Island Shop, the app provided a dedicated area for interactive shoppers to ‘buy the look’, perusing the wardrobe of the contestants and driving huge traffic to official partner Missguided, who saw a massive 9,000% increase in sales for the period.

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First Look” was introduced for the 2018 series, unlocking a minute long trailer within the app each day, teasing highlights from the upcoming evening’s show.

Push notifications were sent out at 1pm each afternoon to support the upload, and in the run up to the show start, causing massive spikes in app visits.

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The expansion of the show’s general presence in digital media opened the door to a wider and more versatile range of commercial partners tied to this year’s app.

Commercial partners saw the value in an engaged audience and created valuable positions to naturally integrate themselves into the fan’s environment.

For instance, Missguided sponsored the show store’s ‘Buy the Look’ initiative, Kelloggs supported the morning podcast, while Samsung supplied the mobile phone devices used by the islanders.


Fan Companion is the underlying app product for iOS & Android that powers the features behind Monterosa's apps. Fan Companion is a real-time, modular, configurable framework designed for creative flexibility, rapid customisation and multi-lingual support